Marilyn Monroe Warhol Sim Realism Paintings

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Uploaded 16th Aug 2006 at 7:31 AM

Andy Warhol sim realism paintings here. The one Marilyn Monroe pic is generally the same as the warhol, other than sim monroe stuck in...tried to be authentic for that one. The other one he did had 10 pics, but due to the scale of the paintings for the sims i widdled it down to 8, and did more of my own thing than sticking to the rails on this one.

I dig my stuff if i do say so.

Not sure why, but with these postings...not so coherent

But try to keep my frantic moxy alive....or some such

Anyway you need nightlife for the 8 Marsim Monroe's Painting as its a recolor of Lily Pads(?)

For the solo no EP's are needed...but because i wasnt sure if the painting i recolord flips the image or not (lone daisy) I included it both flipped and unflipper in the rar. Not sure which is which...but i guess one could use both.

Also needs the CEP file

Feel free to use for whatever, just give me some credit.

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