Purple Satin Gown With Leather Belt & Gauntlets

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Uploaded 3rd Sep 2006 at 2:37 PM

This dress intends to be some kind of a travel gown, but being formal at the same time.I can't help it,but ever since I started to browse through Star Wars costume sketch art I became obsessed with the designs.They are truly wonderful and unique, so I might as well credit the whole bunch of designers working in the movies

Just take a look at this, it's the concept art for Padme's packing gown: http://www.padawansguide.com/padme/...ng_concept2.jpg

The dress itself is made of a rougher dark purple material and a sleeved corset-like coat is worn above it.It's also decorated with a light mauve draperie with brooches.

I recolored Evotiquien's pagan princess v2. mesh and it can be found under the link.

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