Khatomar: Protectress of the Everyoung

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Uploaded 13th Nov 2006 at 3:51 AM · Updated 13th Mar 2007 at 4:48 AM by goldeneowyn : Meshes included in package

The daughter of an elven princess and and a mortal hero, Khatomar was blessed with superhuman strength and conditional immortality. To prove herself worthy of never-ending life, she was given the duty of protecting the Ever Young, a species of elves with uncanny powers of sorcery. She also guards the Wellspring of Eternal Youth. Every day she patrols the Wood of Shadows, becoming increasingly ethereal...and deadly.

The story doesn't stem from any particular series, but I AM a LOTR freak.
I think the dress came out very well, and I hope it captures the ethereal, fantasical, and fortified feeling I was trying to achieve.
Hair (mesh and texture) by (on page 4, under "Hair".)
Bow and Quiver mesh (texture by me) by as well (on page 1, under "Magic")
Dress mesh here:
And, of course, the JAW-DROPPING skintone by the MOST EXCEEDINGLY TALENTED ENAYLA!!!:
Ears (mesh and texture) by Louis, here:

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