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Maxis Talking Table in 3 New Sizes

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Uploaded: 9th Dec 2006 at 8:12 PM
Updated: 14th Oct 2008 at 8:32 AM by -Maylin-
Can you tell?? I love the Maxis 2 Tile Talking Table, one thing wrong with it, there was only one size.

So I made 3 more.

One tile square, one tile round, and a 3 tile long. Then because there was a little problem on the original mesh, what can I say, it bugged me at least. The skirt, the part of the frame that supports the table top looked to short to me, so I redid the original too.

The tables are linked to the Maxis table so they will all use the Maxis original colors and any recolors made for it. For this reason the new meshes are not recolorable unless you recolor the Maxis original. I did a recolor of the table and matching chair in a yellow that I call Maise (Maize) because I needed one for a kitchen I was making so I included it here for you.

And because I like tablecloths I made a set to fit all the tables with recolors and they also fit most any other table too.

I used only base game objects to create them and had SimPE set to base game so hopefully they will be compatible with any game version.

UPDATE 12/12 -- Made a couple of changes in the files after testing in a base game. They are now definately base game compatible.

All tables have about the same poly and vert counts as the Maxis original, I only reshaped them.

The tablecloths --
1x1 - 800 poly, 585 vert
1x1 round - 1440 poly, 930 vert
1x2 - 1400 poly, 1046 vert
1x3 - 1862 poly, 1400 vert

As always, my rules for my meshes --

Free to recolor and post for download as you wish, as long as the mesh itself remains a FREE download. You are welcome to use it on any lots you post for download as well. Please do not take and post as your own, even though it's not much, it is my work,

Enjoy, Kat