Restyled SAU's Myos No.05 Female Hair

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Uploaded: 11th Dec 2006 at 12:06 PM
Updated: 11th Dec 2006 at 11:24 PM
I've decided to venture into hair recoloring so here is my first official upload. This is a restyled version of Sim Artist Union's Myos No.05 female hair. I've cut, colored and retextured the hair (texture was hand painted by me). The colors are brown, red, blonde and black. The colors also show up for elders b/c my elders dye their hair.

Mesh Instructions
You must download the mesh in order for this to show up. Visit the mesh link below, click on DOWNLOAD and click on "30 Genetics MyoS female hair no.05."

I usually upload this type of stuff to my designs site Decorgal Designs but since this is a new venture, I figured I'd have you guys judge it first to make sure it's up to par. The outfit on the model is available on my the designs site and the earrings will be made available soon.