Custom Modeling Poses Overlay Hack

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Uploaded: 17th Aug 2007 at 11:06 AM
Updated: 25th Nov 2010 at 9:22 PM by whiterider
Version 2 is out. You can download it here:

I've always wanted to have some new and interesting ways to present my Sims fashions and thanks to the wonderful people who have created tools and resources for us, I created this Modeling Pose hack for photoshoots. Check out the screens- they include all the poses in this hack. The poses are still and not animated, including the head position but if you want your Sim to look a different way, have another sim walk by and the Sim will turn its head. It is designed as an overlay hack which means that after you pose your Sim, you can use my talk hacks to have your Sims make facial expressions (i.e. only the face will move, not the head or body). Pose the Sim while it is standing.

*PLEASE read this description before asking questions!*

The hack is a dark gray box with a camera on it and can be found in Hobbies/Miscellaneous and is organized in the following manner:
Floor - Poses are on the floor.
Stand - Poses are of the Sim standing.
Sit - Poses are on various seating surfaces such as living and dining chairs and sofas. To place them on a seating surfaces, pose them and use the moveObjects on cheat to place them on the seating.
Sit Floor - These are the same poses as the Sit ones except they are on the floor so they could be used for different height surfaces other than the chair or sofa. The poses will be in the ground. You have to use the magisplay and OMSP objects to basically position them wherever (like a bed, stairs, counter, etc.). Please refer to the tutorial on the MTS2 Wiki here for further instructions.
Snap reset - If you forget which pose you played, use this to snap reset the Sim. An error message will sometimes appear so just reset. I'm not sure if this is something that's supposed to serve this purpose but it works so I put it in. Try not to use it unless you have to!

Anticipated answers to some questions:
-These poses were made for females although they play on males. I do plan to make some poses for men in the future but I don't know when.
-These should not overwrite any of the pre-existing game animations. I checked the animation files for duplicate instance numbers and did not find any. If there is a conflict, please let me know right away!
-Yes, teens can use these poses but children can't.
-The hack should not require any EPs but I did have Uni, Nightlife and OFB installed when I created them. *Edit: It seems this is not base game only compliant. I'm not sure but I think it requires at least one EP. It doesn't seem to matter which one. Please let me know if you only have one EP which one and if it worked.
*New-This hack was made using the base sim body meshes (which are the only ones I use for my game). If you are using custom body meshes, this hack may not work on them (and sorry but I won't be making other sets of poses for different body meshes).

*Just a note of warning. I am pretty ignorant when it comes to custom animations, using Milkshape, etc. This was done doing a lot of reading and searching on MTS2, not because of any knowledge I have (which is pretty nil when it comes to this stuff). So, if the hack blows up your game and/or your computer, don't come after me with an angry mob. Please download knowing this is new territory for me and that there could be something seriously wrong with this hack. It works fine in my game but that's no guarantee that it will in yours. Please use this and give me feedback on how it worked for you. Also, if you could just leave it in your game and go on playing the Sims to make sure this doesn't mess anything up in game, I'd appreciate it if you let me know how it went.

Additional Credits:
Many many thanks go out to the people who give their time to provide tools and/or teach the rest of us. This hack would not have been possible without the following people and their resources:
-Wes' AniMesh Exporter-
-Dr. Pixel's base body meshes-
-Echo's Custom Object Animation tutorial-
-JohnBrehaut1's Miche Anim tutorial-
-Jasana_BugBreeder's advice about changing the Sim's height- (the poses would all be floating in the air without this)

Of course, thanks to MTS2 for offering us the virtual space to do this sort of stuff and SimPE.