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Southern Colonial

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Uploaded: 6th Jan 2007 at 2:35 PM
Updated: 7th Jan 2007 at 10:39 AM
lot : 2x2
price : 85 184 / 24186
bedr : 2
bathr : 2
Furnished : Yes
Landscaped : Yes
Hack free. Played, Tested with CleanInstaller

This is a southern colonial lot I share with you. It is on a little size lot but the house size is medium, so the price is very affordable in unfurnished version. For the landscaping, the lot is, in my idea, near a beach.
The house is made and furnished for a three sims familly.
Left side of the house there are the main bedroom, and bathroom with separate toilets. Right side is a large living and dining room and the open kitchen. The teen room, in 8, is upstairs.

There is also an outdoor dining and rest place with barbecue.

Credits and my thanks to the following creators of the included custom content :
*-* Building
- fence : Ailias,
- inside walls and floors : ,Formule1.Sims2,
- latice white paint : loverat
- wooden modular stairs : Numenor, nengi65 recolor,
- entrance door : macarossi,
- swing door : Helena at pixel sims,
- 60's ranch style window : Zookini,
maxis column recolor, other walls and floors by me.
*-* Furnishing (complete version only)
- main bed, curtains, kitchen : delphine and Jassmine at simsinparis.com,
- PierImport living room : tarox4sims2.de, Hopebayler recolors,
- dining table and chairs recolors : kate at parsimonious,
- small bookcase : shoukeir at sims2play boom,
- curtains : olemantiker,
- Hellokitty kitchen recolors : K-C,
- rug recolor : simsistic,
- modern african stuff : -NYX-
-outdoor bell : Maylin,
- potted plant and vase : nengi65,
- shelve : FeeEssen,
- dry plant recolor : pdrs
maxis outdoor bench, chair, table and recliner by me.

If you want to upload any of this custom content to an other site than MTS2, please read their creator’s policy.
For me it's easy : except for the lot itself, do what you want with free sites.

*** The unfurnished version is the "...-UNF-.rar" file ***

*-* I have also uploaded separately my white recolors : Maxis Patio - white recolors set *-*
and good Sims