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"Untucked" Dress Pants: 7 Colours, 2 Styles

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Uploaded: 29th Jan 2007 at 11:41 PM
Updated: 6th Sep 2008 at 8:32 PM - editing search parameters
Fancy dress pants! Untucked! One size fits all! Or well, 2 sizes fit all. These pants are available in 2 styles - slim fit or baggier creased pants. Both use base-game Maxis meshes and must be worn with long skintight tops. Other tops will look silly. Hopefully these pics show the versatility of the pants and the difference between the 2 styles.

The "slim" and "creased" sets contain all 7 colours in said styles. The "black only" set contains just the black pants in both styles. That's for folks who um... just want the black ones.

BTW, if they look familiar that may be because they're just improved versions of these older pants. I wasn't happy with the waistline on those, so changed them to the same waistline as my other "untucked" pants. And made slim versions. And gave 'em nicer shoes too. Fancy shoes! Yay!