The Canterbury Tailor-A Medieval Boutique

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Uploaded: 3rd Feb 2007 at 8:14 AM
Because some people asked me to make medieval peasant
outfits for other ages, I did=)
There are two for toddlers which will show up for both genders,
two each for male and female child, and two each for male and female elders.

Both Toddler Outfits-Unisex Mesh by Judy
available at
Clothes > Female > Toddler
CF_Peasant1-Mesh by Tig
available at
In the female clothing post
CF_Peasant2-Mesh by Tig
Available at
CM-Peasant 1&2-Mesh by Maxis-It's a girls mesh converted for boys. I found
it in this thread
the download is called tig-boy-shorttunics and it's in the men's clothing post.If mine doesn't show up in your game, try downloading it from there.
EM_Peasant 1&2-Mesh by TommyTiger
available at
"tomlink elder"
EF_Peasant 1-Mesh by Kate at Parsimonious
available at
EF_Peasant2-Mesh by Maxis FFS Required

You may do whatever you like with these(especially making the quilt pattern off of the female elder 2 outfit into a bedspread!=) but DO NOT sell them.