*UPDATED* Live Long and Prosper: A Vulcan meditation lamp, as seen on "Star Trek"

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Uploaded: 20th May 2010 at 7:05 PM
Updated: 30th Sep 2012 at 8:32 AM

Update Nov 18, 2010: It's a minor change, but the lamp has been updated to emit a warmer, more flame-like light.

Update Aug 18, 2010: The lamp has been updated so that it now is placeable on OFB shelves and counters. Thanks to Numenor and his mini-tut on how to set the object size for custom objects!


A Vulcan Sim of mine recently pointed out to me how highly illogical it was for her not to have a proper lamp to use when she meditates. Now, if you have as a demanding commanding officer as this poor Starfleet Vulcan does, you need all the peace of mind you can get, so of course I had to help her out and make her a Vulcan meditation lamp.

It is an actual lamp, not a sculpture (yes, I made an object you can use for something other than just looking at ), so you can turn it on and off. The flame is animated and flickers, as does the ground light pattern.

Since your Sims might want to meditate in different places and in different positions, the lamp is placeable on all surfaces, including OFB shelves and counters, mantles and dressers with slots. It can also be placed on the floor/ground and on driveways. (I'm not sure why anybody would meditate on a driveway, but if your Sims want to, they can.) Your Sims can't walk over it, though; that seemed unwise, not to mention illogical, since we're talking about an open flame here (even though it wouldn't actually set your Sim on fire, since the game thinks it's an ordinary lamp ).

You'll find your new meditation lamp under Lighting -> Misc. and it costs 150 Simoleons. It is base-game compatible and has been tested on a computer that's only ever known the base game.

Image Credits:
Walls, floor and furniture are all by Maxis; the Vulcan hair, robe and skin (Ren blend) by me. The Sim's make-up is by Rensim and Simple Life - free, of course.

Polygon Counts:
602 polys, 429 vertices

Additional Credits:
Helpful people:
- JWoods for his object making tutorial
- Numenor for various informative and helpful posts, esp. on BHAVs
- Ocelotekatl a.k.a. Jasonduskey for his tutorial on how to replace the TXMT

To create this object, I've used:
- SimPE.
- UV Mapper
- Milkshape
- Photoshop
- and the file has been compressed with jFade's Compressorizer

Many thanks to all the creators of the above programs!

For my full Terms of Use, please see my profile, but the short version is: Include mesh with recols and lots, yes, upload to a free site, yes, upload to a pay site, the Exchange or TSR, NO!

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Happy Simming!