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Gangster career *teen only*

1,906 Downloads 376 Thanks  Thanks 26 Favourited 69,764 Views
Uploaded: 9th Apr 2007 at 2:42 AM
Updated: 9th Apr 2007 at 10:24 PM
It has a registered Guid, it has an unused file in the .rar DO NOT EDIT, If you want custom clothes to change to before work go here .


1 Crew member
2 Terrorist
3 Wanted

Theres 1 Fully Finished card for the Wanted level.
Hanging out and chillin'. Clothes can be found here and the outfits are by me too.

Clothes work in all skintones! Zombie skintones can be found here
Hope you like it, soon i will have a musket avalible you can remesh it to fit with this Genre.

Additional Credits:
Superfly for the tutorials.
Pj00kns for the templates
Vagrant for the files (only needed if you want the clothes showed in the pictures)
Quaxi for SimPE