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you may not upload my stuff to a paysite (not even with my permission!) you may feel free to edit any of my stuff and redistribute to MTS2 (only mts2) but if you changed pretty much all of it don't give me any credit (you did most of the work) but if you only did a small tweak give me credit, and you may upload recoulers or things to any site with my premission with no premission only here MTS2

Nothing untill i post up my set

1: My set.

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  • B.B's back! Baseball Career!

    by Bubby bob 28th Dec 2007 at 10:36pm

    A small career which has spanning from a water boy to a big outta parker major leaguer. more...

    3 30.1k 12

    Careers » EP compatible

  • Bubby Bobs College house

    by Bubby bob 7th May 2007 at 12:42am

    This is my College house (1 room dorm) , i love it and live in it, i tried not to more...

    + 7 EPs/SPs 1 6.8k 1

    Lots & Housing » Residential » Lots (over 20k)

  • Gangster career *teen only*

    by Bubby bob 9th Apr 2007 at 2:42am

    Info: It has a registered Guid, it has an unused file in the .rar DO NOT EDIT, If you want more...

    23 69.9k 27

    Careers » Miscellaneous

  • three male shirtless tops (including teen bodybuilder)

    by Bubby bob 31st Mar 2007 at 6:00pm

    Theres three 1... 2... 3!!! more...

    4 50.9k 28

    Male » Mixed Sets » Teen

  • School's out for ever (seriously it is)

    by Bubby bob 27th Mar 2007 at 11:29pm

    This not going to automaticly make it so sims skip school you can toggle types from this to regular and more...

    + 1 EPs/SPs 73 100.9k 58

    Game Mods » Config Mods » User Interface

  • The Great Gaming Career

    by Bubby bob 27th Mar 2007 at 4:23pm

    As you can see Seasons brought along a Gaming career but i just thought that that was just playin' games more...

    18 29.7k 9

    Careers » EP compatible

  • 341 Main Street Split Level

    by Bubby bob 27th Mar 2007 at 1:32am

    This is a house i built because i was bored and wanted something that will increase a skill and that more...

    + 7 EPs/SPs 2 7k 1

    Lots & Housing » Residential » Lots (over 20k)

  • A Royal Castle for the richest of your Lords

    by Bubby bob 14th Mar 2007 at 11:27pm

    This is a Castle for your King, lord, Count... more...

    + 4 EPs/SPs 2 14.5k 5

    Lots & Housing » Residential » Lots (over 20k)

  • 4 Wonderful Medieval Careers including a pet career v4 With Custom Clothes

    by Bubby bob 6th Mar 2007 at 1:46am


    34 73k 45

    Careers » EP compatible