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B.B's back! Baseball Career!

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Uploaded: 28th Dec 2007 at 11:36 PM
Updated: 3rd Mar 2011 at 6:38 PM by whiterider
A small career which has spanning from a water boy to a big outta parker major leaguer. It has a unique guid it does not have a custom icon though, or any chance cards. Just a little present so you know i'm back...

1. Water boy/girl -You're the water boy and on the way to the major Leagues! start hour:13 End hour:20 Pay: 100$
2. Minor league backup - Now you can soke your hands in mud and feel the nice smooth(or rough) surface of a a baseball. start hour:13 End hour:20 Pay: 200$
3. Minor leaguer - An Average player on the team not too good or not too bad just average skills of a minor Leaguer start hour:13 End hour:20 Pay: 300$
4. Coach's Favorite - Star player the the Coach's Pupils He says youre a shining Example to all Minor Leaguers! start hour:13 End hour:20 Pay: 410$
5. Minor league Star- In the spotlight of all minor Leaguers. is Considered good by the Major Leaugers because once they were like him too. start hour:13 End hour:20 Pay: 500$
gap- of leagues
6. Major league Wannabe- Ussually just makes up the bad spots of the team has shots when they're winning a mild player. Loses skill because there not in the spotlight. Start Hour: 20 End Hour: 1 Pay: 600$
7. Major Leaguer- An Average Major Leaguer who's good allround and usually makes up the team fairly well. Start hour 20 End Hour: 1 Pay: 1000$
8. Three Baser- The Leaguer who's got skill, luck, and chops! Scoring a two baser is a bad for you. Concidered the top player if he's the highest class. Scores the few Home run. Start Hour: 20 End Hour 1 Pay: 1500$
9. Home Runner- A true great player usually considered to be the most famous because the lucky cathcer gets a batted ball, by a star. Usually the top of the team (if there is any Home Runners) Start Hour: 20 End Hour: 2 Pay: 2300$
10. Outta The Parker- You're the star of baseball shining up right by Babe Ruth. On every last inning you score the point. You're a living legend, with a hint of bad skill be hinde you though be youre a true legend! Start Hour: 20 End Hour 3

For adults only. The icon is the athletic icon

Sun-Mon All Levels
Fri. Level 1-5

Additional Credits:
Thanks to Superfly for his tutorials that helped refresh my memory
Thanks to Quaxi for SimPE Thanks to Bidou for his editor