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Craftsman's Delight

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Uploaded: 9th Jul 2007 at 3:17 AM
Updated: 1st Jan 2009 at 12:56 AM
I was so excited to have finally gotten another expansion pack that I went right in and built a lovely house for you all.

The Craftsman's Delight is a large house for a family with two or three children. The 5x5 lot size gives children and adults alike plenty of room to experience the great outdoors right in their own backyard. This house comes fully furnished and landscaped at $194,408 - simply move your sims in and enjoy. It has not been playtested.


With plenty of windows providing a great view of the backyard, the two-story great room is a perfect place to gather around the fire on a cold winter's night, or watch TV on a rainy spring day.

With its "Tiki" d├ęcor and easy patio access, the screen porch is an ideal place for a summer party.

A large pond for fishing, a sunny greenhouse, and a small orchard will keep the whole family busy and prosperous.

Custom Content Included
2 Modified Maxis bricks - me
"Dana" Modular Sofa and 2 recolors - blake_boy
Chez Moi set - phoenix_phaerie
Georgian set - phoenix_phaerie
Maxis match fridge, dishwasher, and trash compactor recolors - HystericalParoxysm
Steadfast Stairs Open Underneath - crocobaura
Fireplace OSMP and invisible recolor - JohnBrehaut1
Seasons counter matching curtains - Megahue 2
Piano recolor - discordkitty
Table OMSP and invisible recolor - ariffrazalin
Bay Window - simfantastic2
2-Tile window - simnuts101

You may need to install the necessary scripts for the stairs here for them to show up in your game.

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And of course... enjoy!