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Classic Living Room Set

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Uploaded: 18th Aug 2007 at 8:33 PM
Hi everyone! Tonight I brign you another living room furniture set, with a classic design, hence the name. It contains a sofa, a loveseat, an armchair, an ottoman, and a coffetable. The fabric comes in two colours, cream and blue. Also, I included in the package 4 models of glasses, with and without a case. They make great decoration for a reading room.
The newspapers in the pictures were obtained with Gretle's unbuyable stuff collection. The glasses were placed with the coffeetable OMSP. Hope you like them. Enjoy!

!!! Collection file included in the package.

Polygon Counts:
armchair: 476 faces / 432 vertices
coffeetable : 152 faces / 152 vertices
loveseat: 696 faces / 626 vertices
sofa : 874 faces / 778 vertices
glasses without case : 592 faces / 302 vertices
glasses with case : 799 faces / 520 vertices
ottoman : 140 faces / 124 vertices

Additional Credits:
Made with SimPE, Paint Shop Pro, Wings3D, UV Mapper