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Blood Plus - Elaine

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Uploaded: 1st Sep 2007 at 11:59 PM
Whoo, this is my first attempt at simming an anime character... I might try it again if this one gets accepted...

Anyways, this is the lovely Elaine/Iréne from the anime Blood +. Normally I prefer the male characters over females, but she's so sweet... I just had to have her in my game. ^^U Like I said, I've never tried simming a character before, so she isn't that good... But I did try.

IMPORTANT! You need to download two meshes for her to show up correctly!! The wonderful mesh for the hair is from XMSims, and can be downloaded here:
The equally wonderful mesh for the lovely robe is by mia86, and can be downloaded here:

The only makeup she has on is her eyeliner, which is made by the talented Barcelonista. http://modthesims2.com/showthread.php?t=123140

Her skintone is a paler recolour of Louis' excellent Self-makeup skins.

For her hair I simply lightened the blonde texture of the Xmsims mesh.

I hope you like her! ^^ Please hit the little thanks button if you do, it really makes my day! (and lets me know that the stuff I make isn't just useless crap. XD)

Custom Content by Me:
- Elaine Sim
- Piercing Green Eyes by Ozu
- Elaine brows by Ozu
- Sif skintone - Recolour of Louis skin
- Pale blonde recolour of Xmsims hair

Custom Content Included:
- ByBarcelonista by Barcelonista
- by mia86 @ mts2 by mia86

Additional Credits:
Louis for the base skintone
Xmsims for the hair mesh and texture
Barcelonista for the beautiful eyeliner
Mia86 for her robe
Wrex's anime blog for the reference images