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Blood Plus - Haji (requested)

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Uploaded: 6th Sep 2007 at 10:33 PM
Updated: 7th Sep 2007 at 6:47 PM
DAMN Haji has a funky-looking face. >.O I tried to get it as close as possible without making him look overly fugly... Still I admit that he could be a lot better. .-. I wasn't feeling too good today, tired from school, so he's a bit of a rush job in himself... I didn't bother making him a new outfit as he already fit very well in the victorian suit made by Jenesis, available here:

^^U His skintone is the same as Elaine's, which I intended to be for the Sif, but I was too lazy to make a Haji-specific tone when they'd end up being similar anyways. It's a recolour of Louis' amazing skintone, which can be downloaded here.
His hair is a very quick edit of Nouk's male ponytail, made slightly shorter. The texture stayed the same, and belongs to Nouk. Her original textures were just so damn preeeeeety... x.x I couldn't change them. His eyes are a part of my '√ćnviting Eyes" eyeset and his eyebrows are just a recolour of the brows I did for Elaine, made slightly thinner.

IMPORTANT!!! You NEED to download the mesh by Nouk in order for his hair to show up in game!!! The mesh is available here:

Yeah. So... That's my Haji. XD I hope people aren't TOO disappointed. I did try... ^^U I might make a better version in the far future... Please don't kill me, Haji fans! ;.;

ANYWAYS! ^^ Next I plan on making a few characters from Tokyo Majin. I'm not going to tell you who, though. XP *hint:DAISCOOOOOPP!!*

Custom Content by Me:
- Haji sim by Ozu
- Haji eyebrows by Ozu
- Inviting eyes by Ozu - Chilled Fog
- Sif skintone - Recolour of Louis skin
- Haji edit of Nouk's Male Ponytail

Custom Content Included:
- Sherlock Holmes everyday - by Jenesis by Jenesis

Additional Credits:
Nouk for the excellent hair mesh and textures. As with all of Nouk's hair meshes, it is AMAZING, and should be downloaded right now.

Jenesis for the lovely suit.