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Blood Plus - Otonashi Saya (requested)

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Uploaded: 9th Sep 2007 at 5:04 AM
Ok... Partly because she was requested and partly because I was gonna do her anyways. One thing I need to say about this is DANG Saya's pretty! o.o She looks the nicest out of all the sims I've made so far, publically shared and not, and she doesn't even need any meshes to work. oO The short, messy maxis hair looked fairly good on her, and I figured that it would be less confusing to just leave her that way. Nevertheless, she is, as I said, quite pretty. I'm terrible at making clothing, so she's in a maxis outfit as well.

Her skintone is by Teru_k, her lips by Bruno and her eyeliner by Barcelonista. Her eyes and eyebrows are by me (she has the same eyebrows as Haji). The referrence pictures are a little grainy, but they should suffice. ^^U

Anyways, there's a Saya to go with the Haji sim I already made. I hope you people like her! ^^

Custom Content by Me:
- Saya sim by Ozu
- Haji eyebrows by Ozu
- Blood-red eyes by Ozu

Custom Content Included:
- Lotsa Lip -Shake Ur Bon-Bon- Bruno@MTS2 by bruno
- ByBarcelonista by Barcelonista
- Ephemera_AsiaStyle_01 by teru_k

Additional Credits:
Wrex's anime blog for the refference pictures
Bruno for her lips
Barcelonista for the eyeliner
Teru_k for her skintone