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~* * * Fever Eyes - You are infected! * * *~

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Uploaded: 6th Sep 2007 at 6:45 PM
Hey folks.
I'm back. Kinda...
Still completely tired of making clothes and stuff but I found that picture with that beautiful eye color on it so I thought I should make eyes out of it and share it, since I haven't uploaded anything in ages. This has several reasons but you're not here to listen to my stories but to have a look at my newest set of eyes, because if you clicked here, you must have been somehow drawn to the default thumbnail. So Ima stop talking now and you can have a look at those diseased eyes.

Don't forget, you are infected *muahahaha*.

As for the idea, I dunno what got me to call em "Fever Eyes" and to give them names of diseases... Probably because I'm obsessed with the whole medicine topic about diseases, antidotes, processes in the body and so on.
Oh and yes, I will stop now xD