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Old(er) movie poster SUPERPACK! 33 posters of the 40s' and 50s' flicks!

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This download is part of the Old Hollywood Creator Challenge
Uploaded: 29th Sep 2007 at 1:47 AM
Updated: 8th May 2009 at 1:24 PM by Echo
Whee! ^^ I'm baaack with ANOTHER movie poster superpack. I got a lot of people telling me that my old one didn't qualify as old Hollywood, so I decided to make another one, this one including movies from the forties and fifties. It's not as big as the first one, with only 33 posters this time, and some of the image quality is even worse. I did try my best to make them look good, though... ^^U So I hope you like them!

Technical stuff, technical stuff... These require no mesh and you need no expansions or stuff packs to use them. They can ALL be found under the lady on red painting, just like the old set. The first time I tried to upload some of them didn't show up right, with the text reversed, so I redid those ones so that now they don't just show up right, but the image quality is a little better. It's hard to see this from the screenshots, though.

Yeah... I haven't seen any of these! I really am young... ;.; *only fifteen* I hope that THESE ones actually classify as Old Hollywood. If they don't, then poo, I give up. >>;; Making these is pretty time consuming, so I most likely won't be making another one any time soon.

They're not perfect, I'll admit that, but I hope that you'll enjoy them nonetheless! ^^ Oh, and if you're interested in the old set, (movies from teh 70s and 80s) that's available here:


Additional Credits:
Wikipedia for the images and movie titles
My mom for giving me some suggestions. XD