Bedding Match Bedroom Items

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Uploaded 16th Oct 2007 at 6:04 AM · Updated 20th Jun 2011 at 10:33 PM by rebecah : Added base game compatible items

I believe one thing you can find the most recolors for is the Maxis Bedding. I also think it is the easiest thing to learn to recolor. This set will give you lots of recolor options and use very little space in your download directory. Because all items included use the repository technique to pull textures from the maxis bedding and any recolors of maxis bedding.

Set includes:
Double bed toddler can sleep in, relax on, daydream, make the bed, and jump on it. The jump on bed option is non autonomous and may cause an error if toddlers jump for very long. If you do not know how to use the object error, I do not recommend that you use the jump on bed option. I considered leaving it out all together but it's just so cute to watch them jump on it. I am including a Pets and Bon Voyage version. Please only download one as they do have the same gui. My previous version the adults bleed through the bedding. This version they do not...I figured out how to make it work. These take me quite a lot of time to code and setup so I did not do a base game version. It seemed that the base game versions of my previous beds had more problems than the new EP's. The comfort level is 12 and Energy is also 12. It's actually coded it a little higher than the crib, I've tested it to see if adults reach maximum before toddlers. It seems to work out that they wake up just a little before infants and toddlers. It is set to 0x0FC per hour or 60 in decimal. It's found under Seating/Beds for $3000.

Sofa Bed - I've added a sleep option. I always get more rest sleeping for 15 minute to half hour, then I do sleeping all night sometimes. So why shouldn't my Sims? I did not change the catalog reference to reflect this because the nap option is still only 2. The sleep option is set a littler higher than 12 energy. It increases 0x064 per hour for those that understand the codes. Found under Seating/Sofas for $1700. - Pets Required

3x4 Rug Requires Night Life EP and is found under Deco/Rugs for $75.

End Tables 2 versions One pulls the textures from the sheets for the top and quilt for the bottom. The second is the reverse options. I believe this is base game compatible. Surfaces/Endtable for $100, no depreciation.

Vanity - Requires Seasons and is found under Surfaces/Misc for $500 no depreciation.

Recliner - Is found under Seating/Recreation for $470 and does not depreciate. Pets Expansion Required.

Desk - Is found under surfaces/desks for $500. This should be base game compatible.

Chair - requires celebrations stuff pack. It is found under seating/diningroom for $100. This chair is the same one posted Here . If you already downloaded it you don’t need it again.

Curtain - Is found under deco/curtains $150.

Some of the toddler items you may see in pics will be posted as soon as I get that set completed.

Additional Credits:
Credits to: All that help make this possible. SimPE creators, CEP creators, Peter & Inge Jones for the PJSE SimPE plugin, this site, and Stephen Cox creator of UVMapper. Echo who has taught me more than anyone and I highly recommend her tutorials found here at MTS2.
I especially appreciate those that leave comments and click the thanks button. I value your opinions very much!

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