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Surfer Career Track (EP Ready) *UPDATED 10/05/08*

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Uploaded: 4th Nov 2007 at 10:57 AM
Updated: 3rd Mar 2011 at 6:50 PM by whiterider
***UPDATE! 10/05/08***

FreeTime has finally brought me back into the world of the Sims, and so the time is ripe for me to fix up this career and set to work on some new ones.

1. Chance Card Money rewards FIXED. You should no longer receive inordinate amounts of money on the money based rewards. In the event of me missing any of the money rewards PM me and I will fix at my nearest convenience. Massive thanks to Talismana for pointing out the fix to this one.

2. Your Surfer Simmies will now go to work in their everyday day clothes at EVERY LEVEL. No more Captain Hero suit standing in for a wetsuit. (FreeTimes wetsuit made to look a little more realistic would be perfect though...*Wink wink* all you fabulous recolour artists out there )

~~~ If you haven't downloaded this career before then just grab the UPDATED version, you DO NOT NEED THE OLD VERSION.

If you have downloaded this career before, simply download the updated file and overwrite the old package. ~~~

***Currently contemplating a Skateboarder (along with a few other extreme sports type careers) career so if anyone out there who has more knowledge than I (Probably all of you) on the most prestigious and not so prestigious competitions and honours in the pro skating world wants to drop me a PM I would be grateful. ***

Here's my go at creating a surfing career for your sims. I won't pretend I'm the most knowledgeable person ever when it comes to surfing, but I reckon I did a pretty good job.

Chance cards at every level, no one liners I promise. It took me a long time to make the chance cards and all the scenarios and answers are of decent length, check the picture at the bottom for proof if you don't believe me

Here's the job titles, descriptions and wages per day, so look away now if you don't want to spoil it!

Beach Bum $100
Life isn't as easy at it would seem for a beach bum! Sure, you get to spend your days lounging on the beach in the sun and dreaming of being a pro surfer, but a Sim has to eat! Scrounging off your friends and digging for pennies in the sand is no way to live, keep your eyes open for a REAL job by the sea.

Donkey Ride Attendant $150
Okay so the money is coming in a little steadier now, and you still get to hang around the beach all day long, but it won't be long before these screaming kids drive you mad! You'll never earn enough money for that first board this way. Aim for something in the field of surfing if you ever want to progress.

Surf Shop Employee $300
Finally! A real job that interests you! You get to talk about surfing all day, but you're not actually DOING it. You're earning double the money so keep saving up to buy that first board and wetsuit and then you can finally start doing instead of dreaming.

Beginner Surfer $300
It's about time you got your feet wet, but it seems you're not quite as born to it as you thought you would be. You're still working at the shop, but now you're putting in extra hours to practise. Build up some muscle and learn to think with the waves...It's embarassing when 12 year old kids with water wings on wipe out less than you do.

Amateur Surfer $700
Still stuck in the world of shop assistant but now at least you've been spotted by a local business, they see your potential and offer you a small sponsorship, looks like all those hours of work paid off. It's time to enter some local and regional competitions and start winning the big deals so you can finally ditch the monkey's job.

Surfing Teacher $900
Alright! You've won enough prize money in the regional competitions to finally get away from the shop and set up your own business. Teaching surfing isn't exactly ideal, but at least you get more time on the waves to build up those skills. Keep entering those competitions, you never know when you'll get spotted by someone BIG...

Pro Surfer $1,500
All your hard work is finally paying off. You've won the regional championships and gained sponsorship by the big brands. It's time to show the rest of the surfing world what you're made of, with no worrying about having the best equipment and travel expenses you can really focus on getting to the top! First stop, the national finals!

National Champion Surfer $2,100
Congratulations, you won the national finals! The surfing world is your oyster, there's not a pro event going down in the world that you're not invited to. The money from sponsorships and the prize money is rolling in thick and fast, but there's no time to rest, set your sights on the ultimate prize in the surfing world. PROVE you're the BEST.

WCT Champion Surfer $3,100
You've done it! You've beaten the best surfers in the world, you're at the top of the heap and no-one is better than you. Competing at the top level only brings out the best in you, every major event seems to go your way and the sponsors are BEGGING you to sign so they can put your name on their products.

Surfing Icon $4,200
There isn't a surfer anywhere who doesn't know your name. Teens have your poster on their walls in their rooms, where they sit playing your video game in a t-shirt with your name on it. The sporting world loves you, you're voted the most innovative and talented surfer of all time by the popular 'SURF!' Magazine. People can't even remember surfing before you came along. Your legacy will live on even after you stop winning every competition going...If that ever happens!

The money gets a little steep towards the end, but isn't that always the case in pro sports these days.

This career also has a low friend requirement, as I despise having to maintain 12 friends. (5 is the most you'll ever need.)

The Captain Hero suit is standing in for a wetsuit at the moment, but if someone wants to make me a nice little wetsuit, I'd be only too happy to include it.

Constructive criticism always welcome as is any error spotting. A nice ego boosting thanks never hurts either

Last thing, the career reward is this surfboard by blake_boy