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Tree House for the Garden Gnomes

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This download is part of the Fairytale Creator Challenge
Uploaded: 18th Nov 2007 at 2:18 AM
Hello everyone. Today I bring you a tree house, not for the sims, but for the garden gnomes in your sims' backyards. It's a small piece of heaven where the gnomes can live happily, undisturbed by anyone.They can plant and harvest vegetables, gather mushrooms, pick apples, eat berries, and for those with seasons installed, even fish in the nearby pond. There's plenty of room even for a big family, kitchen with dinign and living room on the first floor, master bedroom and bathroom on second floor,and kids bedroom and another bathroom on third floor. If need be, fourth floor can also be made livable. Well, hope you like it! Enjoy!

Lot size: 4 x 3
Price: 82.900 $

!!! All custom content is included, but you need to download the following files separately as they did not package with the lot.

echo-harvestbasket.zip by Echo
The animation file for the spiral stairs Marvine-SpiralStairs-ANIMS.rar
Latch-n-Lock_Single_ExteriorDoor.rar from JWood's doors and Window set

Included content

Zucchinni by Fireflies @ MTS
Wastebucket, medieval sink and toilet, rune firealarm, buyable grass, toadstool mushrooms, pixiedust, teaset by Lethe_s @ MTS
Pumpkin, barrel with apples, barrel with corn part of JWoods Autumn Wonderland Tribute Set @ MTS
Tree stump chairs and table, basket with appels by Boblishman @ MTS
Harvestable Mushrooms and Strawberries by Bienchen83 @ MTS
Harvestable lettuce, grapevine, cabbage and apples by Echo @ MTS
Latch-n-Lock Doors and windows by JWoods @ MTS
Maiden Hair fern by Mickyss @ MTS
Garden Torch and Wall Lamp, fern plant, ceramic pots, geranium plant by buggybooz @ MTS
Rugs, wheelbarrow, rocks and campfire by Nengi65 @ Sims Crossing
Lace curtains by Nengi65 @ Exnem Sims
Wood Elf furniture set by Exnem @ Exnem Sims
Eponymous Garden Foxgloves, Wooden barrel and Toy Chest by Kate @ Parsimonious
Potty, broom, kitchen shelf, baby cradle, waterpump, watering can and ceiling lamp from Tarox
Fully Animated Coal Stove by Numenor @ MTS
Spiral Stairs by Marvine @ MTS
Aubretia, Fritillaria, Petunias and Verbascum by Macarossi @ MTS

Custom Content by me:

Tree branches and rusty and snowy recolours
Tree bark wallpaper, floor, and terrain paint

Polygon Counts:
Birch Tree Sapling - a bit lower than Maxis'

Custom Content by Me:
- Tree bark floor;
- Tree Bark terrain paint
- Birch Tree Sapling
- TreeHouse_Rusty
- TreeHouse_Snowy
- Tree Bark Wall Paint

Custom Content Included:
- "Wood Elf" Log Table - by Exnem - The Sims Vault - www.3dconsortium.com/thesims by Exnem
- "Ok Corral" Barrel End Table by Kate
- "Eponymous Garden" Foxgloves by parsimonious
- lethes-firerune-celtic by Lethe_s
- Autumn special Big Amanita by Lethe_s
- "Latch-n-Lock" Window with Batten Board Shutters by JWoods
- 3x1 Runner rug by Nengi65
- N65_Antique Lace Curtains_Top only by Nengi65
- Antique Lace Curtains by Nengi65
- "Good Ol' Times" Coal Stove (UV) by Numenor
- BobL_AutmnWonderlandTable_with_roundcloth_no_leaves by boblishman
- Fall Barrel (with corn and flowers) by Mother Nature and Man by The Mod Squad
- Scatterd Rocks by http://www.simscrossing.net
- Scattered rocks - small by http://www.simscrossing.net
- Planter no 4 large and low by buggybooz
- "Bowl of Plastic Fruit" by Taroo
- Grape Vine by Echo
- Lettuce by Echo
- Red Cabbage by Echo
- Pumpkin and Leaves by Mother Nature by The Mod Squad
- Tree Stump Seat by Mother Nature by boblishman
- Porta Clássica Carvalhosa by JWoods
- "Latch-n-Lock" Window with Batten Board Shutters by JWoods
- The Kinder Kontainer by Tarox
- Fritillaria by macarossi
- Fugly Fern by buggybooz
- BB_FuglyFernRC2 by buggybooz
- N65_BigRug(3x4)_recol_stripes13 by Nengi65
- N65_BigRug(3x4)_recol_stripes14 by Nengi65
- Medium Floor Rug (2x3) by Nengi65
- Camp fire by Nengi65
- N65_BigRug(3x4)_recol_stripes02 by Nengi65
- N65_BigRug(3x4)_recol_stripes03 by Nengi65
- N65_BigRug(3x4)_recol_stripes06 by Nengi65
- Bowl of Apples By Mother Nature's Gifts Inc., by boblishman
- "Bowl of Plastic Fruit" by taroo
- Autumn special Little Amanita by Lethe_s
- Medieval toilet by Lethe_s
- Wash-basin by Lethe_s
- Tea set by Lethe_s
- "4 by 4" Designer Chandelier by hopebayler
- Apple Tree by Echo
- Aubretia by macarossi
- "Latch n Lock" Medium Window with Batten Board Shutters by JWoods
- Monticello Window by JWoods
- Antebellum Wall Lamp by Taroo
- Doormat by mickyss
- Big Floor Rug (3x4) by Nengi65
- Pixie dust by Lethe_s
- Pixie dust 2 by Lethe_s
- Pixie dust 3 by Lethe_s
- Pixie dust 4 by Lethe_s
- Petunias by macarossi
- Scraps Ranch "CafeMate" Coffee Table by Schubkarre190706taroo
- Erdbeeren by bienchen83
- Steinpilze by bienchen83
- Green Zucchini by fireflies
- Apple Barrel by Seasonal Funtimes Inc., by The Mod Squad
- Natural Wooden Table by Mother Mature by boblishman
- Autumn special Big Bolete by Lethe_s
- Clump of grass by Lethe_s
- Autumn special Big Cup Toadstool by Lethe_s
- Fire protection rune by Lethe_s
- "Ok Corral" Toybox by kate
- Flat Rock by Nenji65 at SimsCrossing
- Flat Rock - small by Nenji65 at SimsCrossing
- Pebbles by http://www.simscrossing.net
- Zucchini by fireflies
- Verbascum by macarossi
- "Bowl of Plastic Fruit" by taroo
- "Wood Elf" Log Chair - by Exnem - The Sims Vault - http://www.3dconsortium.com/thesims by Exnem
- "Wood Elf" End Table - by Exnem - The Sims Vault - www.3dconsortium.com by Exnem
- Lillys touchy Torch by buggybooz
- Lillys Longfull Lamp by buggybooz
- Planter no 4 large by buggybooz
- Crafty Geranium bigger by buggybooz
- BB_lilly_geranium_largerRC3 by buggybooz
- Waste bucket by Lethe_s
- lethes-wastebucket-darkwood by Lethe_s
- Simple Spiral Stairs - Left turn by Marvine
- Spiral Stairs - Railing - Right turn by Marvine
- Tinkle Trainer 6000 Potty Chair by Tarox

Additional Credits:
Many thanks to Numenor for Any Game Starter and to all custom content creators without which this lot wouldn't have been possible.