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PAWS Secret HeadQuarters

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Uploaded: 20th Mar 2008 at 11:36 PM
Updated: 30th Aug 2008 at 12:41 AM
Hello everyone. Tonight I bring you a lot requested by maccarox481. It is the secret headquarters of PAWS organisation. The organisation is made up of highly skilled spies, and its aim is to train more and more new recruits into the spying techniques, in an attempt to gain complete domination over the entire simworld and your computers. And of course, since secret headquarters wouldn't be much of a secret if they had a secret headquarters banner on their rooftop, this location is cleverly disguised as you friendly neighbourhood bank, a place of bustling everyday activity. It comes complete with underground parking garage, and the bank is on the first floor. On the second and third floors are the organisation quarters. On the second floor is the briefing room, the secret identity creation room, the target practice area, the dreaded interrogation area, the gadgets room, and the biological warfare laboratory. The third floor is designed as a living place for the spies in between assignments. They can work out to improve their fitness level or relax by playing pool or pocker. Hope you like it. Enjoy!

!!! You need to download Full Poster Wall Overlays by Pixelhate and Numenor separately if you want the right recolours to show up on the garage walls. Had some trouble identifying the right recolours in Clean Installer so I left in only the meshes.

Lot Size: 3x3
Lot Price: 400.000 simoleons

Custom Content by Me:
- Crocobaura_World Map reoclour of 2 Dogs and an olive

Custom Content Included:
- Neon Alphabet "A" by Atavera (retired)
- Neon Alphabet "B" by Atavera (retired)
- Neon Alphabet "K" by Atavera (retired)
- Neon Alphabet "N" by Atavera (retired)
- atavera_NeonWallLight_Alphabet_RecolourPackage_Blue by Atavera (retired)
- atavera_NeonWallLight_Alphabet_RecolourPackage_Orange by Atavera (retired)
- Neon Alphabet "S" by Atavera (retired)
- Outdoor Burglar Alarm by Catch me If You Can Inc., by boblishman
- Satellite Dish by Pie In The Sky by boblishman
- Simsanto Inc. Biotech Station by Sir Ignitus Blowtorch
- Prints Charming Fingerprinting Scanner by Sir Ignitus Blowtorch
- SensoTwitch Lie Finder by Sir Ignitus Blowtorch
- a2o-remote-use-standing by Sir Ignitus Blowtorch
- Chemical Bottles by hippi
- Developing Tray by hippi
- Measuring Jugs and Bottle by hippi
- Black & White Photo Enlarger by hippi
- hippi_plastictraygreen_090405 by hippi
- Plastic Tray by hippi
- Shelf With drying photos by hippi
- Ford Fusion by maxoidmonkey
- CarOwnable_FordFusionMatles by maxoidmonkey
- Decorative Camera by -Maylin-
- Decorative Monitor by -Maylin-
- Oil Drum by Nicvncnt
- Numenor(MTS2)_UmbrellaStudioLight by Numenor
- Large Flower Centerpiece by Numenor
- ilt-in lights by Numenor
- A CD by Petreak
- A Coffee Cup by petreak
- Fire Extinguisher by Petreak
- Luggage by Petreak
- Satellite by Petreak
- A Delivery Truck by Petreak
- Police Car by Petreak
- 04-DoorRecol-MetalSecure_Pixelhate by pixelhate
- Left side of the plain concrete wall from the "Safe area set V2"PixelHate@Mts2.  by pixelhate
- Middle side of the plain concrete wall from the "Safe area set V2"Seamless.PixelHate@Mts2.  by pixelhate
- From the Target Set  by pixelhate
- From the Target Set  by pixelhate
- From theTarget Set.  by pixelhate
- From the Target Set.  by pixelhate
- Full-heigh Wall Poster (1 tile) by pixelhate
- Full-height Wall Poster (2 tiles) by pixelhate
- rdrglx_invisibledriveway by roddyaleixo
- InvestmentSilver5oz by worship4ever0227
- InvestmentsSilver100LP by worship4ever0227
- InvestmentsSilver250 by worship4ever0227
- InvestmentsSilver2500 by worship4ever0227
- InvestmentsSilver25LP by worship4ever0227