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New Career - Performer

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Picked Upload!   This is a picked upload! It showcases some of the best talent and creativity available on MTS and in the community.
Uploaded: 27th Dec 2007 at 5:56 AM
Updated: 29th Aug 2009 at 7:24 PM - requested by moderators
Here is my most recent career, the performer. This is a non-slacker based version of an actor/actress carrer path. This career is an add-on and does not replace any careers already within the game. It is also base-game compatable with nine chance cards as the career progresses, one on every level except the "A-list level".

The levels and wages for this career are same for both sexes and are as follows:
1) Drama Student 150
You are a starving student. Most would call you a dreamer, but at this level in your education everyone you know is doing what they can to make ends meet.
For right now you have found a late-night job working for one of your professor's stage maintenance and lighting crews. Sure this job does not pay much but you get to mingle and flirt with all of the young college actresses while they rehearse.
Mon-Thur, 6am till 3pm

2) Dinner Theater Performer 200
You have just graduated from drama school and have been offered a part in a dinner theater production of Lestrada. You never heard of this play before this job but it is fun to do this comedy. The only downside is serving tables while trying to perform.
You will need to work on your grace and dance skills to better perform the dance steps.
Tues-Sat, 2pm till 11pm

3) Understudy 300
You have found yourself in the position as the understudy to the main part of the dinner theater production. When the lead actor is unable to show, you will have to play his part that night. This is all just a way to prepare yourself for tougher roles and this looks very impressive upon your resume.
Work even harder on your dance skills.
Tues-Sat, 2pm till 11pm

4) Commercial Personality 400
As luck would have it, you have found yourself work in a series of local commercials. Sure these commercials are for Loony Lucky's Casino and Resort and in truth you are nothing more than a pretty face but, still this is steady work.
Now is your opportunity to work upon your charisma and contacts in order to find yourself bigger and better gigs.
Mon-Sat, 8am till 5pm

5) Local Personality 500
You are now working as a local personality for a local news program. Your job is only to read the weather off a cue card and to allow the viewers to look at how nicely you are dressed. On weekends you are also required to make physical appearances and promote the show. You hate this part but it is in your contract.
Work on your logic as you will need to be perceived as professional to get anything better than this.
Mon-Sat, 6am till 3pm

6) D-List Actor (Actress) 600
You are still working on the same local news program but you are also doing some stand-up comedy instead of the personal appearances. You have found a loop-hole in your contract with the show and this option is making you more money.
They say that there is no money to be made in stand-up but there is even less in what you were doing. Work on both your body and charisma, and hopefully this will help you get discovered.
Mon-Sat, 6am till 3pm

7) Local Host (Hostess) 800
The local station that you work for has taken the liberty to give you your own show. It is a local talk show where you discuss local events, topics and issues, and then you exaggerate them to make them more entertaining.
This is nice but it cannot last, you will need the right contacts to go anywhere from here.
Mon-Fri, 12pm till 8pm

8) C-List Actor (Actress) 1100
You knew that your last job could not last forever, and wow when that ship started to sink, it sank! Nothing could save your show: not guests, not new writers, not even you getting new clothes.
However not all is lost, you have been signed onto to do a movie and are now a supporting cast member to a major movie. Sure it is not the lead but it is a major step in the right direction.
Mon-Fri, 8am till 4pm

9) B-List Actor (Actress) 1500
You have done everything and you know everyone that there is to know in Hollywood. You are looked upon by your peers as a promising new actor but you still have not found yourself with that one role that would get you upon the "A-List."
You will have to work upon your career in every way to make it to the top.
Mon-Fri, 10am till 6pm

10) A-List Actor (Actress) 2000
Finally you have become an official "A-Lister." You have made it to the level of the Hollywood elite. You are recognized everywhere and are hounded by paparazzi everywhere you go. You no longer have to go looking for work; the work now comes looking for you.
Mon-Fri, 9am till 5pm

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