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Fragrance Designer Career

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Uploaded: 2nd Feb 2009 at 3:35 PM
Updated: 18th Nov 2013 at 6:24 AM by leefish
This is my newest and latest career. It is a request and is base game compatable. It comes with ten levels and a chance card for each level. The career has its own GUID and does not overwrite any of the games other careers. The levels are described below along with their pay per day, days and hours worked, and minimum requirements to reach those levels.

1) Test Subject – 65 per day, Mon-Thus 6am-Noon (No Requirements)
You are a starving student trying to break into the fragrance industry but there are limits for entry-level positions in this industry. You have found a way in though as a test subject! You allow the actual developers to spray you with new test fragrances and then they test samples of your skin for various forms of skin and allergy damage for the next three days. It does not pay much and is a little dangerous but it is away to find out more about this industry.
Work on your cleaning skill in order to protect yourself from dangerous test fragrances.

2) Intern – 135 per day, Mon-Fri 9am-6pm (Cleaning 1)
You are almost done with your school and have found yourself a way into the actual lab as an intern. You are not paid much but you are learning more and more each day. The actual lab is very different from what they teach you in school and you loose your sense of smell by the end of your shift every day.
You will have to start working on more of your cleaning and also your charisma skills because it looks like the only way you are going to get out of the intern level at this time will be by doing your time as a field researcher.

3) Sample Field Researcher – 200 per day, Wed-Sun 10am-6pm (Charisma 2 & Cleaning 2)
You have had to stoop to volunteering as a sample field researcher in order to get past your internship and get yourself an actual desk of your own. You now go out with samples of top secret test fragrances after they have been tested to make sure that they are safe, to see what the general public opinion of the new fragrances. Everywhere you go there are a bunch of stupid little department store sprayers that think that they do the same thing that you do for less money but this job requires a bachelors degree and an understanding of chemistry, not a certificate of cosmetology and ten-tons of attitude.
Work on more cleaning skill, logic and some contacts, before one of these bimbos drives you over the edge and you spray them between the eyes!

4) Lab Assistant – 335 per day, Mon-Fri 8am-5pm (Charisma 2, Logic 4, Cleaning 4 & Contacts 2)
You have done your time as a sample field researcher and you have been promoted to a permanent position in the lab. It is about time as you were about to drop-kick one of those stupid little sprayers from the mall. You are now testing samples of finished fragrances for color, alcohol content and diffusion-rate before they go to market.
You will have to work on your cleaning and logic skills to become an actual lab technician. This would be the next inevitable step in your career, as you truly will not get any respect in the lab until you are an actual tech.

5) Lab Technician – 535 per day, Mon-Fri 8am-5pm (Charisma 2, Logic 6, Cleaning 6 & Contacts 2)
You have been promoted to being one of the actual lab technicians. You are no longer testing samples after they have been produced but are actually helping in the production process. You get respect in the lab and the nice pay boost to this level is nice too.
Work on your charisma and contacts within the lab to be considered for a specialty group.

6) Fragrance Engineer – 660 per day, Mon-Fri 6am-3pm (Charisma 6, Logic 6, Cleaning 6 & Contacts 5)
You were just doing your every day job and one of the designers asked if you would like to part of his niche developing groups. You said yes so fast and loud people thought it was your birthday. On this team you try and compete with other fragrance designers in order to corner a marketing demographic.
Since you are new to this part of the business you have to learn things fast so work on your charisma, cleaning and contacts to find your way of fitting-in.

7) Niche Developer – 880 per day, Mon-Fri 6am-3pm (Charisma 7, Logic 6, Cleaning 7 & Contacts 8)
On your team you are now dealing with some stiff competition addressing your marketing demographic. Your main competition has been spending large amounts of money on celebrity-based marketing campaigns for over a decade and has become a household name. Your job is to figure out how to make your fragrance compete against this brand name giant.
You will have to work heavily upon your charisma and contacts to make your fragrance compatible against this marketing giant.

8) Fragrance Developer – 1250 per day, Mon-Fri 7am-3pm (Charisma 9, Logic 6, Cleaning 7 & Contacts 10)
You have become the head of your demographic team. You are in-charge of this product from the test phase, through lab development and advertising, all the way to the way it is marketed to the public. You work with the actual icon of the fragrance so closely that you actually have him on speed-dial.
Your opinion is highly respected throughout the whole industry but no one is quite ready yet to put your name upon their product line as of yet. You will need to max-out your charisma to eventually become an industry icon but for now work on your cleaning as a means to master your credibility.

9) Nose – 1700 per day, Mon-Fri 7am-3pm (Charisma 9, Logic 6, Cleaning 9 & Contacts 10)
You have not quite yet become a brand name as of yet but you have become the next best thing (so to speak,) you have become an industry term called a "nose." You are both an industry critic of the highest authority and a mass buyer who all of the department stores go to get the finest of fragrances in the whole industry. You provide a type of consulting and buying service for all the retail chains in the industry and you have to be able to get shipments of thousands of bottles of any product at any time (even in the dead of night.) In the lab you are still in-charge of product development because as far as the lab is concerned, you are still a fragrance developer as well.
Max out both your cleaning and your charisma skills because without these skills you will never get your name upon a product line.

10) Name-Brand Icon – 2200 per day, Mon-Fri 9am-3pm (Charisma 10, Logic 6, Cleaning 10 & Contacts 13)
Finally you have become the name of a whole product line. You are a king in the industry and everyone treats you as if you were a type of celebrity. You do not need others to sell your product for you, your reputation sells your fragrance all by itself.

The teen and elderly version of this career can be found here .

Additional Credits:
Barzalene for the original idea.