The Stepford Project V: Final Mansion by D.D.I.

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Added August 1, 2008: No Custom Content Version (UNFURNISHED)

The authentic look of the orginal design has been maintained as much as possible by using Maxis content. However, there are subtle differences in the overall appeal. Do enjoy the download. This house is among the favorites in this collection!


The Stepford Project is a small collaborative project by Deluxe Designers Inc. (StephSim and Deluxe Designs). We wanted to bring your wealthy Sims a truly "exclusive" neighborhood to play in. What better place than Stepford, Connecticut. This project is based on the 2004 version of the American movie "The Stepford Wives". The movie basically tells a tale of how men bring their significant others to the seemingly "perfect" Stepford community to help them improve who they are. The cast includes Nicole Kidman, Matthew Broderick, Glenn Close, Christopher Walken, Bette Midler, John Lovitz, Faith Hill and many others. The Stepford Project revolves around this fictitious neighborhood and all of it's splendor. We will present the lots in parts.

This is Part 5 and is the final Stepford lot. This lot is truly a collaborative effort between Deluxe Designs and StephSim! We took the best of ourselves and created this fabulous mansion. If you download no other lot in the Stepford Collection, this lot is a must have!

Stepford Manor is indeed a mansion that mesmerizes! It is unique in design and the builders, Deluxe Designers Inc., took inspiration from the family who first lived there, the Ambercromby family. Apparently, the final vacation the Ambercromby family took led them to the ends of Europe. They went from Ireland to England to Italy, France and finally Spain. The manse has a distinctively Mediterrannean feel to it. The bold roof color and the calming Tuscan Stucco blend in pure perfection. Please do come in and take a look around. This could be the house of your Sim dreams!


There are 2 downloads for the Stepford Manor, 1 FURNISHED and 1 UNFURNISHED. This grand home is the final lot in a very classic series of wonderful Stepford homes.

Stepford Manor:
RESIDENTIAL LOT / 5 x 4 Lot / UNFURNISHED §187,250 / FURNISHED §425,362 / 3 Story/ Extended Driveway with Side Entry to the Main House / Foyer / 3 Bedrooms (1 a Master Suite leading to a 2nd Private Kitchen) / 4 Bathrooms / Kitchen / Dining Room / Office / Hallways/ 3 Spacious Stair Landings / Living Room or Parlour / 3rd Floor Entertainment Room / T.V. Room / Swimming Pool / 2 Story Guest House or Pool House / Gardens

Other Information:

Thank you to the following artists for helping to bring this Sim lot to life: Simnuts101, Ailias, Xrax, rebecah, Mzcynnamon, Phoenix_Phaerie and Macarossi. Be sure to browse the links at the end of the post for other fabulous downloads by each artist!

These lots contain Custom Content. All custom content included are build items (walls, floors, terrains, doors, windows, etc.). Any custom content used has been tested in the game for playability.

Although the paintings are not included, be sure to download Simnuts101's "Louis XVI Library/Study" collection to get the them. It is sure to add the ambience of wealth to your home:

Deluxe Designs:

Lot Information:
Stepford Manor Price (FURNISHED): §425,362
Stepford Manor Price(UNFURNISHED): §187,250

Stepford Manor Lot Size: (BOTH) 5 x 4

Custom Content by Me:
- Atomic Wall 16
- Atomic Wall 22
- Atomic Wall 25
- Blue Paisley
- Blue and Gold Floral Wall
- Blue and White Ornate
- Bold Red Floral Wall
- Cape Cod Blue Texture Wall
- Chintaka Interior Floor 3
- Cream & Tan Floral Wall
- Deep Red Ornate Carpet
- Golden Tin Wall
- HP Brick 8
- Inspired Floor 1
- Lime & Pink Paisley Wall
- Mauve & Brown Floral Wall
- Moss Brick Terrain
- Mustard Striped Wall
- Olive and Brown Floral Wall
- Quidditch Grass Floor 3
- Red & White Toile Wall
- Red Shag Carpet
- Red and Gold Stripes
- Tuscany Mocha (Bottom Wall)
- Tuscany Mocha (Top Wall)

Custom Content Included:
- Ailias Modern Pediment by Ailias
- Blue Flowers by macarossi
- Louis XVI Style Library Set by simnuts101
- Cupresssus Sempevirens by xrax
- Garden Planter (Hexagonal) by macarossi
- Gentrific "Flame-O-Rama" Fireplace WITHOUT CHIMNEY by mia86
- Georgian Add-on Set phoenix_phaerie
- Georgian Build Set phoenix_phaerie
- Green Residential Roof by mzcynnamon
- Irises by macarossi
- Lavatera by macarossi
- Longhorn Balustrade in White (More white by Ailias) by Ailias
- Miltonia by macarossi
- Minimalist Glass Door by macarossi
- Orchids by macarossi
- Petunias by macarossi
- Primroses and Half Tile by macarossi
- The Invisible Window by rebecah
- Yet Another Window by macarossi

Number of bedrooms: 3 Bedrooms
Custom Content Included: None Build and Buy Mode Content
Furnishings: Unfurnished Fully Furnished

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