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Modular Pipe Organ - Custom Sound

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Uploaded: 21st May 2008 at 2:26 AM
Updated: 16th Feb 2009 at 4:26 PM - Small usage restatement
A 29-piece modular pipe organ. The wide variety of pieces allow for endless combinations able to fit into any sized space. From a small house organ in your living room to a towering cathedral pipe organ you can create just about anything.

The package includes a four-manual organ console, 28 decorative pieces for the pipework construction, a matching floor and wallpaper, and a collection file grouping them all together in-game.

To install simply place the components of the "Modular Organ, Organ Wall, and Organ Floor" Folders into your downloads folder. Place the file from the "Organ Collection" folder in your collections folder.

For sound, place the "OrganSound" file into your downloads folder with the other parts.

You need both the organparts and organsound download to get it to work.

***Note About The Console***
The console can be merged with the pipe boxes with the move objects cheat, however, the pipe boxes must be placed first, and the console second. If the console is placed first and the boxes second, the game will try and place them on the organ bench and it won't work so it must be done the other way.

*Important Note about the sound*
The sounds will play at random, they are not sorted by skill.
They will not flow from one to the next. The practice option must be re-initiated for another song. Often, it chooses not to play anything. Just retry until you get sound.
I'm sorry if this sounds unappealing but after weeks of various attempts and advice from others, this is an unavoidable problem. It works as well as anyone has been able to do so far.

-Updated meshes and texture mapping for pipework pieces
-New texture for better looking pipes
-5 additional pieces
-New base objects for better compatability
-Custom Sound for the Organ Console
The new parts overwrite most of the old ones, but do not replace them in-game, Sorry.

*Track List of Sounds:
Toccata in F Major -J.S. Bach
Chorale -Myself
Fugue in F Major -J.S. Bach
Lux Aurumque -Eric Whitacre
Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring -J.S. Bach
Fugue in D Major -J.S. Bach
Prelude in G Major -J.S. Bach
Fugue in G Major -J.S. Bach
Prelude in D Major -J.S. Bach

Please don't ask me why I haven't included Toccata and Fugue in D minor (or any other piece).
My list is chosen from pieces carefully balancing audio quality, size, length, musicality, and quality of the score from which they were recorded to give you almost 45 minutes of music in the 9 track/10MB maximum.

You are welcome to recolour the objects (that are colour enabled). The object may be packaged with lots that use them (since it would be difficult to rebuild the organ if not included) but may only be uploaded to FREE sites such as MTS2 and please provide a link back here for others. DO NOT re-work the meshes without prior permission from me.

*Please Note - When fully assembled, this object can have a very high poly count. The more parts you use, the higher it will be.

Polygon Counts:
Chamade Left 3264
Chamade Right 3144
Chimes Left 312
Chimes Right 312
Facade Big Box 1612
Facade Closed Open 2048
Facade Full 2624
Facade Left Box 2184
Facade Left Open 2136
Facade Open Open 1872
Facade Narrow 1920
Facade Right Box 2184
Facade Right Open 2136
Facade Small Box 1920
Facade Wave 1652
Flute Ped 290
Organ Crown 424
Organ Console 3105
Ped Left Box 1656
Ped Left Open 1696
Ped Right Box 1656
Ped Right Open 1652
Swell Box Big 1732
Swell Box Small 156
Turret Jumbo 2536
Turret Short 392
Turret Tall 392
Wood Flutes Left 734
Wood Flutes Right 734

Additional Credits:
Hexameter/Shaklin Custom Sound Tutorial: http://www.modthesims2.com/showthread.php?t=235268
Milkshape 3D SimPE Adobe Photoshop
Finale 2008
Kontakt 2
Garritan Personal Orchestra