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The Crafty Victorian - Potter's Grove Collection

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Uploaded: 24th Jul 2008 at 8:51 AM
Updated: 2nd Sep 2008 at 11:31 PM - Updates
Built with Numenor's *BaseGameStarterPro*

Potter’s Grove is a shopping district where everything is peaceful and has it’s own place, in other words, a utopia. All of the citizens are fun-loving and idyllic people, perfect people in their own rights. The neighborhood houses lots both young and old, residential and commercial, and in the country and craftsman styles. Our story continues with
The Crafty Victorian

The Crafty Victorian is an aged and antique Victorian-styled home fused with the Potter's Grove signature country-craftsman style. The exterior boasts massive curb appeal, but is also very low maintenance with many of the plants being strictly decorative.

Aside from the curb appeal, the architectural details are what mark this home as a landmark. It features 2 separate exterior, but covered porches, as well as 2 covered balconies. The front porch includes space for a morning cup of coffee, and the back porch offers a place to host a small dinner party. The balconies off of the second floor are another way to enjoy the outdoors.

The interior is decorated in authentic Victorian wallpapers, with a country-craftsman twist. The furnishings were chosen carefully to both fit the theme and space, and most importantly, comfort. You will find a very open floorplan, along with 1 bedroom and 2 full bathrooms.

In total, the home comes to a value of $84,454. A very affordable home for a family just celebrating a promotion.


Lot Size: 2x2
Lot Price: $84,454

Custom Content by Me:
- Oaken Shingles (Wall)
- Siding Above Oaken Shingles (Wall)
- Siding with Crown Molding (Wall)
- Siding with Kick Molding (Wall)
- Siding with Enclosed Casing (Wall)

Additional Credits:
Special thanks to Numenor for his BaseGameStarterPro program!

Also, thanks to Christine for being a great role model when it comes to building Victorians!