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'Depression' Custom Animation Hack V1 *REDOWNLOAD*

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Uploaded: 24th Jul 2008 at 5:48 PM
Updated: 3rd May 2011 at 8:44 AM by leesester

There was a problem with this hack replacing the pauls rection tester, but it's all sorted now, just redownload. I also included a buyable version of the rection tester just in case. Thanks to treeag, Trendy.

I always got a bit tired of everyone using the 'body-hold' animation in the game, for machinima and other things. And so, I decided to create a hack which showcases some new poses and animations to expand the game's animation vocabulary. With the help of peoples tutorials, tools and so on, it has been a joy to create this. It is not ENTIRELY overlay. Most of them are, but some are plain animations. The ones that are animations though, are the ones that move. I have given an option though on some of them. For example, for 'Shoot Self' animations, I have included an 'Overlay' nad a 'Non-Overlay' option. But as I said, most of them are overlays, therefore useable with the talk hacks. This hack is not finished there will be a few more animations yet, I have just uploaded this, so people can try it out, and give me feedback on what it requires or not requires, conflicts etc. It should just require the base-game, but am not entirely sure.

The animations are generally organised by:

Male - Stand/Sit/Floor
Female - Stand/Sit/Floor
Force End or 'Snap Reset'

Although, I have organised it by gender, all genders can use all of the animations, I just put them in what category I thought fitted best. Beacause of the topic, the animations relate to depression, but some are general poses, for example, some of the sofa poses are not necesarily depressing, but with talk, mood or expression you can make it so.

The anims included in this version are:

-Shower Pose
-Sit Depressed
-Swivel Thumbs
-Shoot Self (different options)
-Sofa Poses for male and female
-Bed Poses and a few more.

To come (I'll add to this everytime I decide, while keeping some a suprise):

-Driving Poses (Not anymore, decided to make seperate hack for this)
-Dead Poses (request 1/4)
-More realistic shooting poses. (Bond style) (request 2/4)
-Smoking Poses and animaitons (designed to be used with rosesims' cigarette)

I suggest you use the magisplay tray to place the sims on to set up an animation to get your exact desired position, especially on a sofa or bed. There shouldn't be but there may be some small snags, like not high eneogh, by milimetre or something, but this is only a test version. Anything like that will be sorted out in the finished version.
Some animations are quite limited for use. For example, the 'Lean on Side' pose for a sofa or armchair can only be used on some chairs and sofa's, because all the sofa's and chairs are at different heights. This chair seems to work fine though:

Also, I made a 'Foot Rest (Arms Crossed)' pose, for males. Unfortunatley, there are no 'foot-rests' in the game, but I thought there should be, so I made this. If anyone is willing to create a mesh for a foot-rest to suit this pose, then just contact me, and I will change the pose to suit the mesh, or you could make the mesh around the pose. I will link the object on my post for the finished version.


That should be all for now, the usual policy:
-Please don't modify or steal my animations
-Please don't upload somewhere else as yours
-You do not have to link to this hack, if you use it in a stroy, machinima film or photo. But you can if you want ;-)

Thank You all the guy's above!

By they way, sorry some of the screenshots are more photo's, but they are not edited. Even the dark one. If you want to see some photos of other people using this, goto flikr in my name and look at my contacts photo's. I will take a few requests for the finished version, just reply some and I will consider them, but please do not abuse this, by contacting me and constantly asking.

--Trendy Out--

Everyone, to hear more info on the hack this is not the place to check, check my blog: www.trendyhendyblog.co.nr It has much more info on there...