Brazen Head Irish Pub

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Uploaded: 20th Sep 2008 at 5:46 PM
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The Brazen Head Irish Pub is a loose depiction of an actual small neighborhood Irish pub in Ireland. Thatch roof, stone and wood exterior, leaded-glass windows, Italian plaster walls with dark wood wainscotting inside, and easy-care tile floorings are typical of how Irish pubs have been built in the past- and how the pseudo-pubs are planned today.

The interior is one large room, with groupings of the patrons per their preferences or desires. A long bar - many a Clancy or Sean have claimed their right to ownership of a stool here in the past. The small tables where your sim can gather with his/her peers to chat without being overheard. Darts, Poker or Billiards (Pool) for those in a playful mood.

The traditonal Irish Pubs all have one primary look in common - that is the wall decorations which the owners choose. Always reminders of Ireland and Irish Products... these are for nostalgia, advertisement value, and ambience. The ones in this pub were created using the photos and other keepsakes which my son got when he visited Ireland - and which he so kindly let me use in the creation of the walls.

Lot Size: 2x2
Lot Price: $47,605

Custom Content by Me:
- Wall Siding - Weathered Boards
- dirt1
- Wall Masonry - Random Stones
- Wall Tile- Dune Blend Mosaic
- Wall Tile- Patagonia
- Wall Panel - Venetian 2Color w-Wainscott
- Wall Panel - Pub Wall 1
- Wall Panel - Pub Wall 2
- Wall Panel - Pub Wall 3
- Wall Panel - Pub Wall 4
- Wall Panel - Pub Wall 5
- Wall Panel - Pub Wall 6
- Wall Panel - Pub Wall 7
- Wall Panel - Pub Wall 8
- Wall Panel - Pub Wall 9
- Wall Panel - Pub Wall 10
- Wall Panel - Pub Wall 11
- Wall Panel - Pub Wall 12
- Floor Tile- Blue Ceramic
- Stone Flooring - Pompei Italian Stone Dk
- Stone Flooring - Yunan Drabite Stones
- Floor Tile - Chestnut and Pebbles