Nine Simlish Cartoon Posters for the kids.

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Uploaded: 7th Oct 2008 at 3:21 PM
Updated: 7th Oct 2008 at 7:54 PM - Clarification about the mods I used to make the posters.

All right! This is my second set of "Simlish" posters to decorate your nurseries, playrooms and bedrooms. Now your sim kids' walls won't look empty anymore!

This time I made nine posters featuring some popular cartoons from the last twenty years.

Do you recognize all of them?

Details and required EP for each poster below:

1. Characters by Craig McCracken.
2. Characters by Matt Groening.

1. Characters by Craig Bartlett.
2. Characters by Arlene Klasky, Gabor Csupo and Paul Germain.
3. Characters by Akiyoshi Hongo / TOEI.

4. Characters by Bill Watterson.
5. Characters by Michael Dante Di Martino and Brian Konietzko.
6 and 7. Characters by Butch Hartman.
- Place the files inside your Downloads Folder.
- The files are clearly marked for easy removal and for those who don't have Free Time.

Terms of Use:
You are free to do anything you want with them (pictures, stories, include them in FREE lots). There's only one exception, though: Please don't upload them as yours at another site or use them to create Paysite content or lots, all right?

Enjoy these posters!

Additional Credits:
Custom Content Used in the Posters:

Hair: Maxis (converted by Melodie 9, CloudlessNights and Fanseelamb), Nouk, SimArtistsUnion, XM-Sims, PeggySims (Free Mesh), Genesims, Simenroute (DLM Forums), Rose (Free Mesh), Oepu (Maxis Dreams), Seomi and pepperdawg (MTS2).

Clothes: Maxis (recolors by me), simskaefer (MTS2), fakepeeps7 (MTS2), CatOfEvilGenius (MTS2), Migamoo (MTS2), Animera (MTS2), Mijutaro (recolor by Fantastrid, MTS2), Distant Eyes (MTS2), Takibuna (MTS2), Helaene and Emma (at Illusions of Grandeur).

Genetics: Eyes by Icnitos (MTS2) and Phobia (LJ/GOS), regular skins by Maxis, Tiger skin (tail and ears) by Genesims and Avatar skin by Nova L.

Makeup, freckles and eyebrows: Helaene, Nouk, Pooklet (Garden of Shadows), Rensim, Anva (MTS2).

Accesories: Sims2playerette (MTS2), Callum91 (MTS2), All About Style, Generalzoi (MTS2), SaphireSims, RoseSims, and PronupSims (Edited by me).

Objects: Crocobaura (MTS2), bienchen83 (MTS2), Blake Boy.

Characters: Prince Zuko by Nova L and Momo by Kenji336 (both at MTS2)

Required Mods to pose the sims and take the pictures for the posters:

- OMSPs (JohnBrehaut1 @ MTS2)
- Invisible magicsplay recolor (by pfish @ MTS2)
- SarahMK's hack to allow neighborhood deco in lots (MATY)
- Lot Debugger from MATY
- Insiminator 2.9
- Jaydee's Animation boxes
- GunMods Camera Mod (MTS2)
- Decorgals' Model Box (MTS2)
- Squinge's HulaMod (Insim).

- Simlish Fonts by SIMale (MTS2).
- SimPE to extract the sims and make the recolors.