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Jeans and Adidas Superstar

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Uploaded: 5th Nov 2008 at 6:44 PM

Here's a pair of jeans, grey socks and Adidas Superstar sneakers. It's basically a Maxis recolour and retexture, but it will look best with CatOfEvilGenius' modified mesh with better knees and longer pants.

Thanks Cat!

I used photos of my own Adidas to make these, but I had to spend many hours to make them look good and fit the mesh. If you don't like the black stripes you can recolour them easily.

This is my first upload, so please be nice! :D

Hair from Raonjena (free)

If you want the jeans to be as long as in the pictures, download the file called "tf bottomCapriSneaks LONGER VERSION - MESH ONLY.zip" from CatOfEvilGenius post #5 in the link below.