18 "Dusty Neutral" Plumper Thumper AL Sofa Recolors

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Uploaded: 2nd Jan 2009 at 3:36 PM
Updated: 6th Jan 2009 at 5:50 AM - typo
Hello Everyone!

I was tired of the horrible colors and texture Maxis provided with AL for the Plumper Thumper Sofas. I love modular sofas and was excited to have another option for them with AL, but the leather-ish looking textures didn’t go well with most decors and they (IMO) were garish.

Being the minimalist type, who enjoys mostly neutral color schemes, I just had to whip up something that would fit into my Sim homes more easily.

Therefore, I’m happy to present 18 Plumper Thumper Sofa Recolors in what I call “Dusty Neutral” Colors. As with most of my things, these colors are neither too bright nor too bold and should fit it nicely with most decors.

To Install:

Simply unzip to your usual Downloads directory/ folder.

** The Apartment Life Expansion Pack is required for these files.**


~*~ Miska ~*~

Additional Credits:
As Always . . .

Delphy and the MTS2 Staff
Quaxi and the SimPE Staff

Thank You Everyone!