~Homey Touches: The Nursery Set~ 16 New Meshes!!

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Uploaded: 12th Jan 2009 at 4:46 PM
Updated: 14th Mar 2009 at 1:03 AM
I love the look of vintage nursery sets, and the Stuff for Kids challenge gave me the perfect excuse to make one for my little Sim people. (Yeah, like I needed an excuse, right?) Well, it's taken my a little longer than expected, but I'm pleased to offer you the Homey Touches Nursery Set.

Set includes:

16 new meshes!!
Crib, crib bedding, changing table, high chair, potty chair, activity table, toy kitchen, bistro chair, bistro table, kids cafe sign, oval portrait, round rug, single bed, shaded wall sconce, and single and double width valances.

7 recolors!!
Bedding, crib bedding (white), single and double valances (white), high chair (white), and 2 wall sconce recolors (blue and white).

8 new floors and 3 new walls!!

The set is made to coordinate with all my Homey Touches sets, but works just as well as stand-alone pieces. The objects were tested in game (with shadows on this time!), and I didn't experience any problems, but please don't hesitate to inform me if you do. All items--*except* the activity table that came with Free Time--were made to be base game compatible.

NOTE: I added the two walls with plaid wainscoting after I'd exited the game, so they are not included in the collection file. You will have to add them if you want them there. Sorry about that!

NOTE: The thumbnail for the round rug is incorrect. (It shows the previous version of the rug, and I forgot to delete the thumbnail file before entering the game to test the final time.) If it bugs you, you can delete the contents of your Thumbnails folder (My Documents \ EA Games \ The Sims 2 \ Thumbnails), and it should show correctly after that. I apologize for the inconvenience.


Polygon Counts:
Activity table - 892
Bistro chair - 1122
Bistro table - 606
Changing table - 2560
Crib - 2776
Crib bedding - 1282
Double valance - 1018
High chair - 1688
Kids Cafe sign - 1320
Oval portrait - 673
Potty chair - 1124
Round rug - 32
Shaded wall sconce - 866
Single bed - 4878
Toy kitchen - 1976
Valance - 1020

Custom Content by Me:
- Homey Touches Valance White Recolor
- Homey Touches Activity Table
- Homey Touches Bistro Chair
- Homey Touches Bistro Table
- Homey Touches Changing Table
- Homey Touches Coordinating Bedding 1
- Homey Touches Crib
- Homey Touches Crib Bedding
- Homey Touches Crib Bedding White Recolor
- Homey Touches Double Valance
- Homey Touches Double Valance
- Homey Touches Double Valance White Recolor
- Homey Touches High Chair
- Homey Touches High Chair White Recolor
- Homey Touches Kids Cafe Sign
- Homey Touches Nursery Carpet 1
- Homey Touches Nursery Carpet 2
- Homey Touches Nursery Carpet 3
- Homey Touches Nursery Carpet 4
- Homey Touches Nursery Carpet 5
- Homey Touches Nursery Carpet 6
- Homey Touches Nursery Carpet 7
- Homey Touches Nursery Carpet 8
- Homey Touches Nursery Wallpaper 1
- Ralph Lauren Sundeck PlaidMade by sweetswami77 @ MTS2. 
- Ralph Lauren Sundeck Plaid 2Made by sweetswami77 @ MTS2. 
- Homey Touches Oval Portrait
- Homey Touches Potty Chair
- Homey Touches Round Rug
- Homey Touches Shaded Wall Sconce
- Homey Touches Shaded Wall Sconce Blue Recolor
- Homey Touches Shaded Wall Sconce White Recolor
- Homey Touches Single Bed
- Homey Touches Toy Kitchen
- Homey Touches Valance
- Homey Touches Valance
- Homey Touches Nursery Set

Additional Credits:
Thanks to each and every helpful and supportive person on this site! ;o)