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Who are you? Unique lip shapes, plus Layerable lipsticks for Lots of Looks

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Picked Upload!   This is a picked upload! It showcases some of the best talent and creativity available on MTS and in the community.
Uploaded: 10th Feb 2009 at 5:50 AM

Sorry about the long title, I couldn't think how to describe this in less words.

In a nutshell: I made the basic shades of these lovelies for my male sims, they're meant to reshape the lips and give them distinct shapes that you can't get with the basic Maxis face edit.
They were each made for a specific person.
On top of that we've got completely shear lip color for the ladies/effeminate dudes, lip liner to match, and a lip gloss. These files are multi-layerable with eachother and with all other lipsticks.
This means that not only can you keep your lip shape when you go to your prom, or drag show; you could potentially add texture, gloss, shape, or color to any other lipsticks you happen to have.
I'm already tired of the word "lipsticks". Blech.

Frankly, I'm more into the basic, flesh lipstick than the colors and whatnot. But if there's one thing I know about the internets, the people here love shiny. Hopefully I'm not the only one into the rest of it.

Each rar contains three basic colors for each skintone, 4 colors (a red, a dark color, a brighter orangeish, and a really pale color), 4 liners to match, and a gloss that layers over the top.

Model C:

Note that the liners are all pictured on top of their appropriate color. They are separate in actuality.

These are based off of pretty much the grooviest lips ever. This shape only happens when lips are really, really poofy. These lips are so poofy, it's warped the shape of the line between the lips. I could talk about this for hours, but I know you're only interested in the pictures.
Poofy, not very wide, well defined edges.
Good for sims who need some roundness about the mouth.

Model K:

This is a pretty smooth set of lips, very little crinkly-bits.
The corners turn down and sort of... square off. Tis typical of the Asian mouth.
These lips are clean cut. I don't mean sober, they have a clean shape is all. There's a well defined line down the middle of the upper lip, and the bottom lip is well defined with an emphasis on a rectangular prism-ish shape.
I'm sorry if this isn't making any sense. I have my own lingo for this stuff.
Just look at the pretty pictures.

Model T:

These are my favorites. They are the pretty.
You have to at least take a look at them. <3
These lips kill the harsh edges. Especially on the bottom lip and at the two peaks at the top. The corners of the mouth have a dimpley thing going on, they turn up just a little. This will give your sim a wider mouth, and slightly thinner lips. It also puts a shadow under the lower lip, just a tad, for an even more realistic lower lip shape.
These are just a little pinker than you're average sim lips.

A few closing notes:

Pictures of the lipgloss/lipsticks together can be found below.

Each color will layer with the other different colors. But if you had two sets, say T and C. The two red colors will not be able to be worn at the same time. I did that for my own sanity, there's no reason to wear two reds anyhow. If you desperately want another 20000 layering options feel free to SimPE it out yourself. All that copy/pasting makes me dizzy.

One lip liner, and one gloss can be worn at one time. Same dealio applies.

Liners and base lips have been left on layer zero. Most of the time they layer under all other custom and maxis lipsticks.
Color is layer 1, for happy coloring of all custom and maxis shtuff.
Gloss is layer 2, for happy glossinessing of all lips.

Apologies that I didn't get pictures of all the combinations. There's... I've forgotten my pre-calc, so we'll just call it a freaking lot.

If any one gives a rip, these are all entirely hand drawn. Or as hand drawn as one can get via computer. It's not like... crayon. That would be a trip.
My hand was holding a pen and the tablet beamed the drawing in, yeah? You get it.

CC in the pictures:
"Roman" (mesh) and "Gaius" hair by HystericalParadoxysm
Idolatry of the flesh skin by Hysterical Paradoxysm
"Gale brows" and clothings by fanseelamb
"brighteyes" by shady
"pungback" hair by sizz
And the black hair on Chris is by XM Sims

The rest, and the "models" are mine.
I find it odd to call them models somehow...

If you feel the need to do anything with my textures, give me a ring, we'll have tea, and you'll probably get my blessing.