Port White Water - Base Game Neighborhood!

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Base game compatible NEIGHBORHOOD

Port White Water is where Flabaliki and Qbuilderz have been
building "White Water Avenue" lots and some "Odds and Angles"
houses. After 3 months of here and there building we have this
packed to capacity neighborhood with FORTY (40) lots
including starters and even mansions! For your convenience we
have all of the files organized right in this thread AND an additional
auto-installer see bottom of this post for more info!

In that file, you get the neighborhood and all of the lots. Pick
where you want it to install and everything just goes together!
Pretty sweet actually. But, every good neighborhood has a
history, we will go over that now...

A Brief History

Charles and Sophia Bottomsworth were two crazy and pretty
weird kids. It was only a matter of fate that they met each
other. Not only were they BOTH crazy, weird, unique, and
out there, but they were both Architects! They were a perfect
match! Love at first sight is a funny thing, he proposed only
2 months into the relationship! Their love lasted until their
death 57 years later when a fun day at the fair turned bad
when the tea cup ride went haywire. Those hinges should
have been checked better. Getting crushed by a giant cup
of tea isn't a cool way to die at all! After the news of their
death got out, Arthur and Beverly Whitewater decided to
buy the half developed neighborhood and finish it up. Of
course, being rich and conceited, they took credit for
EVERYTHING, no memories of poor Charles and Sophia at all.
They even painted over the some of the existing houses. You
might notice some of them


Port White Water has 40 lots spread across 7 streets. For ease
of location, we have separated each post by street and an
additional for the 3 community lots/Special lots. You can find them in this order...

Main Post - Info, Full Download[/B]
Post 1 - Art Avenue
Post 2 - Blank Street, Park Street & Grass Boulevard
Post 3 - Water Street
Post 4 - Lyn Road
Post 6 - White Street
Post 7 - Main street
Post 8 - Community Lots and Specials
Post 9 - Blank Terrain


Manual Install Instructions

In this post there are 6 attachments named "Lots_1.zip", "Lots_2.zip"
etc. up to 6, and an additional file called "Neighborhood Decorations.zip". What you are going to is download ALL of them for the full neighborhood
and then proceed to the following steps:

1 - Download the "Neighborhood Decorations.zip" file and install into
"My Documents/EA Games/The Sims 2/Neighborhoods/N491" folder of your game.

2 - Download each of the separate "Lot_#.zip" files and install them to
"My Documents/EA Games/The Sims 2/Neighborhoods/N491/lots" folder of the Decorated Neighborhood.

3 - Place and play!

To get the FULL neighborhood you must download all of the files in the main
post. After doing so, the neighborhood will appear in game for you to play! If you have any issues don't hesitate to drop a PM and we will try our best to
help you out!



Link to : Port White Water Auto-Installer

*There you can find another full version in .zip and .rar format.