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Legend of Zelda - Hero of Hyrule Career *Now With Teen Career*

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Uploaded: 9th May 2009 at 9:32 PM
Updated: 15th Oct 2009 at 10:01 AM - Updating known issues
Hello, again! Thanks to the incredible work of TheJim07 and GnatGoSplat and their awesome Legend of Zelda creations... well, I just HAD to make a couple of careers to suit them.

So here's the first... the Hero of Hyrule Career!

It has it's own GUID so it won't overwrite any Maxis ones, custom icon, and all chance cards done, and it's EP ready, of course. Unfortunately, no custom uniforms this time... however, if someone out there will make a good quality Link outfit (hint, hint, to all you meshers out there) I will gladly make it custom to the career.

And now... this one has a Custom Carpool! Fortunately, I only needed ONE "vehicle" for it... Hexameter's Ridable Horse converted to carpool by FennShysa... which I've included, but you can also get it with FennShysa's Fighter career here. (Hey, except for the boats in The Wind Waker arc, ever known Link to ride anything else?)

It also has a Custom Reward! This career comes with the reward of a decorative Hylian Shield, created by TheJim07. You can also get it as a buyable object here at Sims2Supernova.

As you can see though, I can't seem to get the career reward icon to work. Any help in fixing that will be greatly appreciated.

BTW, if you read all the descriptions and chance cards, you'll find that I didn't base this off of just one Zelda game. I referenced several of the games, specifically the original Legend of Zelda, A Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time, and Twilight Princess.

And though this career is indeed geared toward Link, it IS configured for the girls, too. Yes, for those of you who don't mind doing a little role reversal, your Sim gals can save Hyrule, too, as the Heroine of Hyrule.

Now... here are the Career Levels

Goat Shepherd (the female version is the Village Mayor's Daughter)
M-Sa 6am-6pm §20
(You'll notice that these days and times will be the standard for every level except the final one. In the games, Link works non-stop day and night. But I figured I'd give the guy a little off-time.)

You are a goat shepherd living in a small village on the outskirts of Hyrule. Your main duties are basically tending and rounding up the herds. You are very popular among the village folk, and even the mayor is considering you to take his place someday. But fate has other plans for you.
(In the female version, she keeps the shepherd boys in line.)

Chosen Hero
M-Sa 6am-6pm §75

Your village has been attacked by horrid monsters! The village was severely ravaged and you were knocked unconscious and left for dead. Upon awakening and trying to find the culprit, you find out from a spirit of a nearby spring that not only your village is threatened, but all of Hyrule as well. The spirit also informs you that only you can save Hyrule and restore peace as the "Chosen Hero of the Gods."

Hero in Training
M-Sa 6am-6pm §150

You may be the Chosen Hero, but unfortunately, your current fighting skills are weak at best. However, the spirit of a past Hero has appeared to teach you his secret techniques so that you can fulfill your potential as the Chosen Hero.

Dungeon Novice
M-Sa 6am-6pm §200

To save Hyrule, you find you have to enter some dungeon-like temples to retrieve certain artifacts in order to match the power that threatens Hyrule. You find that this is no easy task. Hey, no one said that saving Hyrule would be easy! You have to find maps and compasses to be able to navigate these dungeons, and fight some really strange and scary creatures in order to retrieve these artifacts... to say nothing of figuring out how to use that special weapon you found to beat the gigantic monster in the final room.

Treasure Hunter
M-Sa 6am-6pm §300

You're starting to get the hang of navigating those dungeons, so you set out to search every nook and cranny of Hyrule to find whatever special items and equipment... and the rupees you will need to save Hyrule. Hey, bombs and arrows, those red and blue potions, and especially that magic armor you saw in that shop in Castle Town that you got your eye on... those cost MONEY! No one said that saving Hyrule would be cheap, either!

Hyrule's Only Hope
M-Sa 6am-6pm §450

After you've retrieved the final artifact, you get waylaid by the chief minion of the Great Evil that has overtaken Hyrule, and had the artifacts taken from you. It is then that you learn the identity of the Great Evil... Ganondorf, The Demon Thief! The chief minion leaves you, believing you to no longer be a threat. But you soon learn that Ganondorf has taken Hyrule Castle, and a telepathic call from Zelda tells you that you must find the Master Sword in order to face him.

Wielder of the Master Sword
M-Sa 6am-6pm §600

After much hardship, you've managed to find where the Sword of Evil's Bane rests. You pull it from its pedestal, thus proving that you are indeed the Chosen Hero. Unfortunately, you later find that you have to retrieve some more artifacts to find the power to even reach Ganondorf in order to face him.

Dungeon Master
M-Sa 6am-6pm §750

You've become quite adept at navigating these dungeons and temples by now. Not to mention the Master Sword and those skills you've learned from the Hero's Shade makes things a bit easier. That magic armor doesn't hurt either... if only it didn't drain your wallet every time you took a hit.

Bearer of the Triforce of Courage
M-Sa 6am-6pm §1000

After finally retrieving the final artifact and facing the chief minion to get back the other ones that were taken from you, you finally have the power to break the seal on Hyrule Castle and face Ganondorf. It is then that you learn why you are the Chosen Hero... you bear the Triforce of Courage! A piece of a sacred power left behind by the goddesses after the creation of Hyrule... a power that Ganondorf desires. Armed with this new knowledge, you prepare to storm the castle.

Hero of Hyrule
M, W, F 10am-4pm §5000

After a massive battle in the throne room of Hyrule Castle, you have rescued the Princess Zelda and emerged victorious! The princess and her people are eternally grateful to you and you take your place among Hyrule's greatest legends. Peace has been restored... at least until Ganondorf returns.

BTW, if you're wondering where I got the Ordon outfit for Link (check the pics), you can get it at Fantasy LostWorld. It's a French site, but easy enough to navigate. And it's a free site, too. The mesh is by MyoS and the texture is by Devil Cloud.

Well, I hope you enjoy this career. Once again, any praise and/or constructive criticism is welcome.

Once again, special thanks to everyone mentioned above... especially you, Jim. Merci Beaucoup! And a very special thanks to Shigeru Miyamoto for creating the Legend of Zelda. Domo arigato!

One last heads-up...

UPDATE: At first, I wasn't planning on making teen versions of these careers, but a friend pointed out to me that "coming of age" was a theme of some of the games, so I reconsidered. So now I have included a teen version so that your Sim Link can start his quest as a teenager. I'll add the Teen Princess of Hyrule to the other career once it's been approved.

KNOWN ISSUES: It has come to my attention that my career seems to crash the base game. After extensive testing by uninstalling my game completely, then reinstalling the base game, then testing after installing each expansion pack, I have found that my Zelda careers with these carpools require Pets to run properly. So you will need at least Pets to use these careers.