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Princess of Hyrule Zelda's outfit !

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Uploaded: 28th Apr 2009 at 1:15 AM
Hi everyone !

Yes, it is a great day (well, it is 2:50am in France) ! I have finally done this @%#* outfit after more 72 hours of hard hard hard work (texturing, meshing, retexturing, remeshing, testing, remaking all x times...). I introduce to you the outfit of Zelda, Princess of Hyrule ! DO NOT ask me to make an other outfit or I kill myself !!

Well, this wonderful outfit (made with love) does not required any EP and is available only for Adult Female. It can be weared as everyday, outerwear and formal outfit (I guess the gold parts of the outfit do not appropriate to sleep or to swim, don't you ?). The mesh doesn't have pregnant version.

I hope you will appreciate the work I did.

Jim, who is now going to sleep.

Polygon Counts:
body + body_alpha : Faces=2612 ; Vertices=1839.