Harvey's Magician Villa

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This castle-type villa is very old,it was built in medieval times,by two magicians.

Here lived Harvey family,a man named Oscar and his wife Aida.They were magicians,their tricks were that famous that many people thought that they use magic,in that time forbidden art.Oscar and Aida heard that their home will be attacked by villagers,so they decided to hide their magical objects all around the house.They cast love spell on each other and they disappeared forever,but together.Villagers didn't destroyed this house because they didn't find anything magical,it was hidden.


Lot is named villa,because in medieval time villas 'were' castles.To some areas of castle you can only come if you use teleportation,ninja or witch style.Lot have three floors,with secret basement.There is two story high piano room and many sitting areas all over the castle.

Lot requires:all eps,no sps and little number of cc which is included

Come here and discover secrets of this magician villa,maye you will become magician

Lot Size: 4x4
Lot Price: 272 935

Custom Content Included:
- Antique cooking fireplace by -Maylin-
- Bird in the Hand by GrandDuchessEmerald
- Gentrific Colonial fireplace without chimney by mia86
- Antique scroll table phone by HystericalParoxysm