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Judaic studies major

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Uploaded: 3rd Dec 2009 at 8:05 PM
Updated: 4th Dec 2009 at 10:39 PM - Skills that are focused on need to be told and changed
I have noticed that there are a lot of Christian majors out there, but I wanted to make a Judaism Major and an Islam Major

The major depicted here is not to make fun of the Jewish people, but to give a little more depth to the Sims 2 game and to reflect on what I (a fellow Jewess) think as a Jew.

Unique GUID: 0x005F3701 (will not over ride any other majors)

Skills that are focused upon: Charisma, Creativity, Mechanics, cooking and Logic

Reason why i picked these skills: Charisma - Because if you were to become a rabbi you need to learn how to talk and spread the good word.

Creativity: No one wants to sit in a boring sermon, so why not spice it up by being a creative rabbi or whatever to find a good way to spread it?

Mechanics: If something breaks, why not learn how to fix it in your Synagogue or Temple for free?

And cooking: Because if you were becoming an orthodox student or an orthodox or even conservative rabbi you would have to learn the laws of the Kashrut and the kosher diet laws.

This custom major and custom icon have both been tested in my game and are as i know of, no problems to date.


Semester Programs of Judaic major:

Semester 1 - The Torah: Most important book in Judaism

The Torah; Nothing wrong with that, you just want to learn the words of G-d...nothing is wrong with that.

Semester 2 - Hebrew: So you wanna learn the phlegm language huh?

You better study your Hebrew, you need to learn the differences between the sounds of "Ch" and "h" as well as reading the difference between נ and ג, are you up for the challenge?

Semester 3 - Yiddish: Folk language, sharpen your German and Hebrew skills

Between German and Hebrew our people have come up with a new language called "Yiddish" it is where the terms "Mazel Tov" comes from! Congratulations!

Semester 4 - Orthodoxy: What are those hat things for?

Are you orthodox? Are you able to put out your best on Sabbath? Are you able to put out the electricity and have a decent family moment with your husband or wife saying prayers over the meals and the many hours at temple? Are you up for the challenge? That and can you truly wear that yarmulke or head scarf all days after you are married or every day if you are very devout?

Semester 5 - Choose your branch: Reform, Re-constructionist, Orthodox, Conservative

Okay, here is your chance, pick between the four, Orthodox (the most strict), Reform (the most liberal), Re-constructionist (a new movement) or Conservative (the middle man)?

Semester 6 - Modesty: No tank tops and mini skirts here

Time to learn about modesty at temple, wear those long sleeves and get your high collars on! Time to learn about why we must hide our bodies for our loved ones.

Semester 7 - Class Trip week 1: That wall is for prayers, not coloring

Israel here we come! Travel to Tel Aviv to learn about the modern culture of our people; then to the Wailing wall in Jerusalem or in Hebrew: Yerushalayim ( ירושלים ). Israel is full of culture and the likes, and we hope that you enjoy this semester in this foreign cultural land.

Semester 8 - Ordainment: Are you ready for this?

You made it, you made it to the ending semester, now pass your test and you are now an almost ordained rabbi or well known informed Jewish person or whatever you are. Mazel tov now step on the glass! Happy learning!

Of course, you will need the FrikaC's 2005 MajorsMadeEasier to manage any custom major.
Thanks to the designers of SimPE for their outstanding program and to all the other people that has made this possible as well!
And please thank me if you download this major for your Sims; I will appreciate your comments, also!