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Rabbi Outfit

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Uploaded: 2nd Jan 2010 at 5:25 AM
Hi there! You have seen my career for a rabbi and now you can have this exact suit! it is based and recolored of the brown suit here in the original base game.

It includes a white tallit, and a grey suit with the white undershirt. i love this outfit and i thought i would share

I think you will enjoy the fact that there are no glitches in this or anything so it looks just like the real thing as well as on the Tallit (Or prayer shawl) you can see on the tassel connectors, there is a hand stamped "Magen David" or "Star of David" on this Tallit as well as many Judaic designs on the collar part of it. don't believe me? take a look for yourself.

I hope you enjoy this! and have a good day =)

Additional Credits:
My rabbi for the idea =) thank you Rabbi Teuerworcel =D