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Custom Major - Hebrew Language Course

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Uploaded: 17th Feb 2010 at 11:57 PM
Updated: 18th Feb 2010 at 6:22 AM - Class titles too long for semester 8 and semester 6
For your sims that want to learn some basics to hebrew, whether they want to learn how to speak it so they can understand their yelling neighbors or they want to teach it later in life.

I have tested this major and there are no problems!

Icon: Is a hebrew letter called Sin or Shin which makes a "Sh" or a "S" sound

Course Titles and discriptions:

Semester 1: Basic Greetings: Shalom is the same as hello and goodbye

Semester 2: More Greetings: Don't mix up the Shaloms!

Semester 3: Ancient hebrew: Why its different than modern hebrew.

Semester 4: Famous Singers: Meydad Tasa and Ofra Haza

Semester 5: Writing: The Alef-Bet

Semester 6: Reading: right to left!

Semester 7: Reference: Telling directions

Semester 8: Last Semester: Teaching Hebrew

Skills Needed:

Semester 1: Logic: 1, Mechanical: 1, Cooking: 1

Semester 2: Creativity: 1, Body: 1, Charisma: 1

Semester 3: Cleaning: 1, Logic: 2, Body: 2

Semester 4: Cleaning: 2, Body: 3, Mechanical: 2

Semester 5: Cleaning: 3, Mechanical: 3

Semester 6: Logic: 3, Body: 4

Semester 7: Logic: 4, Mechanical: 4

Semester 8: Cleaning: 4, Logic: 5

Additional Credits: SimPE