Ikea Bookcases Emptied with 21 Slots

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Uploaded: 30th Dec 2009 at 12:50 AM
Updated: 15th Nov 2015 at 3:48 PM - upload updated files
Its been a while....But here I am, back again with an upload - and this time its NOT a window.

Have you ever noticed how CREEPY sims bookcases are if you line them up? All the books in the same place - even the same photos in the photoframe (in the same place)? Brrr.....creepy.

So I took MY favourite bookcases (IKEA Billy) and EMPTIED them. I added three slots per shelf, and then made a tall and a short version. So you can put items on the shelf the way you want to have them. See pic.

However, I kept the bookcase options, so the empty bookcase can still generate books magically as if from nowhere.....Hmm.

So I made some deco books. (Did I REALLY just empty this bookcase and fill it up again? I guess I did...duh). The books are DECO - they have no book case functions. However, they are sized to fit perfectly on the billy shelves - you can mix and match and move them about on the bookcase using the ctrl+m command.

There are six variations, all repo linked to the base game value books. Which are HIDEOUS. But have no fear - MTS to the rescue!!

Plasticbox did some AWESOME recolours of these books, and I recommend you go get 'em. I have them linked in the related tab and HERE

Some interesting notes on bookcases

Bookcases were updated in FreeTime. This update was additional menu options, defined in the OBJD. Its not possible to mark in the object two different menu options, so I have made TWO versions -
base game +IKEA
FreeTime or AL+IKEA.

If you just decorate and dont play - get the base versions. If you play and have FT or above - get the FT version. You can only have ONE - I used the same GUID for both...(lets not waste GUIDs people).

These bookcases have a little gap either side - filled by the BENNO CD rack. Or - see pic - You can position them next to each other with the "boolprop snapobjectstogrid false" cheat in combination with moveobjects on.

Prices and location
Both bookcases = 160 simoleons. In the hobbies section of the catalogue
All books = 5 simoleons. In the deco sculptures section of the catalogue
BENNO rack = 80 simoleons. In the deco sculptures section of the catalogue

Polygon Counts:
Tall empty BILLY (both versions) 551 polys/822 vertices
Small empty BILLY (both versions) 371 polys/588 vertices
Bookstack1 34 faces/68 vertices
Bookstack2 44 faces/88 vertices
Bookstack3 48 faces/96 vertices
Bookstack4 48 faces/96 vertices
Bookstack5 24 faces/48 vertices
Bookstack6 24 faces/48 vertices
BENNO CD tower 988 faces/1494 vertices

Special thanks:
MTS (for giving me a place to share), SimPE for making it possible, and MissLoaf for having the idea in the first place.

Handy to know
If you want to make your own objects with simple deco slots then go check out this awesome tutorial by Huge Lunatic HERE