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Emptied Bookcases

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Uploaded: 10th Mar 2018 at 3:42 PM
Updated: 13th Mar 2018 at 9:41 PM
A collection of EA bookcases emptied, slots added, and repo'd to their original counterparts.

ItemCatalog LocationPriceSubsetsPolygonsEP
Renaissance Bookcase by Literary DesignsHobbies/Knowledge950195Base
Novellas Nouveau BookcaseHobbies/Knowledge80021150Base
Novellas Nouveau Reversed BookcaseHobbies/Knowledge80021150Base
Novellas Nouveau Center BookcaseHobbies/Knowledge8002708Base
Double-Helix Designer Bookshelf - EmptiedHobbies/Knowledge6502800Base
BiblioFile BookcaseHobbies/Knowledge400186Base
CinderBooks by RetratechHobbies/Knowledge2001968Base
Higher Education by DarknessHobbies/Knowledge4251618Teen
First Class Shelves by Well Bred and Co.Hobbies/Knowledge9001864Glamour
EDUKATE Shelf by Fun in the SunHobbies/Knowledge3251650Teen
Trekbuks BookcaseHobbies/Knowledge59011198AL

*The Bookworm's Delight (FT) is identical to Dahlen Bookcases (UNI). I didn't do this one since leefish did in this upload.
*I did not empty the two from AL "Very Mysterious Shelving" and "Mysterious Looking Bookcase" because those are doors, adding deco to slots in doors may cause them not to be useable. Plus, I don't use them. =P
*There is a non-FT version of all but the bookcase that comes from AL, choose only one version as they use the same GUIDs.

Note: I do not have a AGS game to test the non-FT versions

Collection file included

Craftmeister Emptied
The Better Bookshelf by It Creations
Billy Bookcase
Bookstacks and Deco Books