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Neytiri from Avatar

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  Featured Upload!   This is a featured upload! It showcases the best talent and creativity available on MTS and in the community.
Uploaded: 30th Dec 2009 at 10:31 PM
Updated: 3rd Aug 2010 at 1:23 AM - Update links
Update 2/27/2010: Added Neytiri's eye as an alien default.
1/11/2010: Added Neytiri's skintone as an alien default.

This is the beautiful Na'vi Neytiri, played by Zoë Saldaña in James Cameron's Avatar. She is the princess of the Omaticaya clan and a fierce warrior. Jake Sully is now available here.

*You must download the following mesh for her to show up properly*
Cat tail by atreya

*Please use Clean Installer to avoid "missing ep" issues as suggested in the installation instructions tab above^*
or if it still does not work properly with Clean Installer (or you own a mac and can't use clean installer), the extracted files are available on mediafire here.

The Na'vi skintone is for all ages and uses a skin tone by Oepu as a base, eye & lip textures by Bruno, and body stripes from Synapicsim's Na‘vi sims. The Na'vi tail also uses the stripe texture from Synapicsim's Na‘vi sims. Neytiri's hair is a recolor of hair by tyana that uses Nouk‘s textures.

DangerousCurves clothing mesh by Bobby T.H., included with permission.

Accessory meshes included:
-elf ear #1 mesh by Ren(Louis at SimCribbling) fixed using this tutorial by HystericalParoxysm so it should not flash blue if you have pets ep.
-Jewelry set mesh by lianasims

I know she is missing her queue (hair braid in the back), but the hair mesh I used was the closest I could find for her. If someone ever makes/finds a braid as an accessory, let me know because I would love to add it.

Thank you to all the wonderful custom content creators who made her possible!

Custom Content by Me:
- Neytiri sim
- Na'vi ears by sugarandcaffeine
- reflection 1 by sugarandcaffeine
- light shadow by sugarandcaffeine
- medium pupil by sugarandcaffeine
- Na'vi eye by sugarandcaffeine
- Na'vi tail by sugarandcaffeine
- Na'vi Skintone by sugarandcaffeine
- Neytiri hair by sugarandcaffeine File Edited with The Wardrobe Wrangler, version 1.1.3026.37483
- Neytiri outfit by sugarandcaffeine

Custom Content Included:
- retro liner by dm by DragonMandy at MTS
- Asiatique - Zara - Bruno@MTS2 by Bruno at MTS
- [Nymphy] Ethnic Africa Jewels by Nymphy at nocturnalsims
- Layerable Mouth Corner ~(D.Eclipse) by Lunar Eclipse
- Helga hair mesh 81 by Helga at Helgasims
- DangerousCurves mesh by Bobby T.H. at insimenator

Additional Credits:
In screenshots
Poses and pterodactyl by Synapticsim. Waterfall shower by Marvine.