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I'm back, hope no one missed me =P. In case you wondered where i went, i was put into forced hiatus by my arch enemy THE BLUE LOT OF DEATH!1!!1!.
Anyway, i will have to thank Delphy *sniff* for the awsome "Sims 3 Dashboard Tool" and the Blue lots fixer (works like a charm).

Ok, with all these informalities aside i'll be introducing you to my new house. The house is a 3 story building with 2 bedrooms and an underground garage. I did not intend the house to be a sea side home but when i finished building it to me it looked like a sea side home (Feel free tell me your thoughts in the comments section). The room i really love about this house is the toilet, i know some of you may be wondering "pr0zkilla my sim will never be able to use that!" well according to my sister, my official sims 3 home tester it works fine. Another really weird thing about my house is that is has the "beautiful vista" moodlet but only for the 1st floor & 2nd floor hallway. Weird huh? I never really placed it on another lot other than 9 Sun Song Ave to check if moodlet was there, you can try it out if you like. Well that wraps up about everything, to the statistics & more pretty pictures! have fun.

Love, pr0zkilla


- Funished: $148,318
- Unfurnished: $89,706
Lot Size:
- 20x30
- 9 Sun Song Ave (recommended)
- I can't really remember but you MUST have the one which the basement tool & fence recolours.

------Custom Content------

Mod The Sims
-An Improved Thicker Transparent Wall by hazuitokage. Found here.
-Ceiling Halogen Spot by Odysseus1960. Found here.
-Luse Tiles by Hydroxide. Found here.
-Real life pattern: Virrvarr by sweetichigodream. Found here.
-6 Wood Board Patterns - Maple and Sycamore Wood by tammy trauma. Found here.

Stylist Sims
-Office Set 1, Diningroom Set 1 & 2, Bedroom Set 1 & 2, Livingroom Set 1 by Stylist Sims. Found here.

-Lillberg, Asera, Tinyt, Imary-Artiste & Caméléon sets by Mango. Found here. (FYI Caméléon set is found on the second page.)

-Window and Door by Simpossible. Found here.
-Four Strips Window by Simpossible. Found here.
-Single Door by Simpossible. Found here.

Lot Size: 2x3
Lot Price: $148,318

Additional Credits: Sims 3 Dashboard Tool by Delphy.