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Picked Upload!   This is a picked upload! It showcases some of the best talent and creativity available on MTS and in the community.
Uploaded: 26th Jan 2010 at 12:17 AM
Hello Again!

Before I say anything, I have to say thank you to all of those who helped me while she was in the CFF. Your advice is greatly appreciated.

Today I bring you a sim I've been working on for awhile... she is one of my favourite artists, and although some of you may not agree, I think she has positively influenced my thoughts toward music. Yes, she's ...

Lady GaGa

(This outfit is not by me, it is by Yana at JustSims2)

There are 2 versions: The classic Miss GaGa, and the more recent GaGa style, with curled hair and red lips. If you have been to her Monster Ball tour, like myself, you have probably noticed this, or on recent magazines and photos on the Red Carpet. I have included this "newer" Lady GaGa version of her, but if you like the other style (long, straight hair) then I will give you the links to the lipgloss and hair that I used in the pictures

I also included tattoos on the skin Anva kindly let me edit. I hope I have them in all the right places! The only tattoo not on the skin is the one on her hip with the flowers.

For the straight hair: It's found here
Lip Gloss: By Bruno
Bodysuit: Here

Thank you Anva for allowing me to edit your wonderful skin!

The hair is not included, you must download at XM Sims with the mesh link provided on the Download Page

I hope you enjoy her, and please take care of her! Thank you!

*All meshes are included*

Custom Content by Me:
- Lady GaGa
- Hazel Eyes
- Lady GaGa Anva Skin Edit
- Blonde "Mariah" Recolour
- Metal Dress Recolour

Custom Content Included:
- F-IN brows by Navetsea
- Lipcolour by vindicatedmess
- June Lashes by helaene
- Anva - Sclera Mask -Light by Anva
- Layerable Teeth by Wicked_Poppies
- Eyeshadow by helaene
- Bridge Makeup by SLU
- Hair Mesh by XMsims
- Dress Mesh by Glamorouslounge

Additional Credits:
All creators whose work was put into this.

Thank you to Stefan for always allowing me to use and edit your amazing creations.

Wicked_Poppies for allowing me to use the layerable teeth, very nice!

Anva for allowing me to edit her beautiful skin.

The creators at Glamourous Lounge.

The creators at JustSims2.

Everyone at the CFF, I love you guys.

Lady GaGa for inspiring me