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Wedded Bliss - 3 Romantic Conversions from NL and CS

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Uploaded: 27th Apr 2010 at 9:02 PM
Updated: 21st Oct 2011 at 10:20 AM
Was needing a few items for the little wedding chapel I’m building and decided to convert three of my favorite deco objects from TS2 - the rose bouquet and single rose date rewards from Nightlife and the wedding signatures wall deco from Celebration! Stuff. They make such great additions to the homes of newlyweds and are ideal, of course, for decorating wedding venues.

Both roses are CASt-able in two parts (the petals and the leaves), and the wall deco in one (the frame). The prices (15, 55, and 160) are all the same as the originals, as are the names and descriptions, though I did take some liberties with the color presets. You can find them in the game under room sort: living, dining, bedroom/ plants and living, dining, bedroom, study/ wall art as well as function sort: décor/ plants and décor/ wall art. You may need the latest patch for these to work.

(Shown below with Store item “The Roundabout.”)

Hope you enjoy these as I have been and am looking forward to sharing my wedding chapel as soon as I get the time to complete it.

All the best!


Polygon Counts:
(Same as originals)

Single Rose: Polys - 648, Verts - 375
Rose Bouquet: Polys - 1152, Verts - 772
Wedding Signatures: Polys - 306, Verts - 262

Additional Credits:
s3oc, s3pe, S3ObjTool, TSR Workshop, Wings 3D, Milkshape 3D, Adobe PSE, and EA for the original meshes and textures.