Non-scary Zits Default Replacement Textures

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Uploaded: 17th Jun 2010 at 12:29 AM
Updated: 16th Jun 2010 at 10:21 PM

In many ways, I am not a kind god to my sims. But when I see those poor teenage sims wandering around with great warts on their faces, my heart goes out to them.

I could have made some hardcore acne, but as much as I like realism, I don't want all my poor sims going through that. So the it's just kind of mildly ruddy. A kind of average break out.

You know what I hate? These were done three days ago, but I couldn't post because I had to sit around waiting for my chitlings to break out. That bloody alien took forever!

To modify (and upload) my textures, drop me a line first. Feel free to use the package as a template if you, for some crazy reason, also want to draw some different zits.
No reuploading, no paysites, no stealing. Redundant sentence ftw!